Huge risk avoided at the last second

Yesterday I decided that for once in a while I could get out of work when the sun was still not set.

It so happens that I have found that there is a bass-only specialized shop not so far from the office (very dangerous discovery…)

So instead of going straight back home, I “casually” strolled to see how it was. Risks are mounting …

Once there, full 30’ before closing time, there were no basses to be seen, all closed down. I called them on the phone to ask if I had got an old address and they had moved somewhere else. It turns out that they had closed earlier, due to having some shipments with couriers to arrange. If I had a pressing need they could turn back and let me in…

We chatted a bit about some brands they carry, if they have used gear and such, but I took it as a sign of “better play what I have than waste money on gear for which I don’t have any use” :slight_smile:

So, huge GAS risk avoided thanks to the couriers!


Yeah, good job!
You know that this “bass-only specialized” shop is still going to be “not so far from the office” next week, and a week after that too. Most dangerously though, it will be there on your next payday :wink:


Yes, I know. In fact, I pre-emptively confessed my future guilt to my wife as soon as I get back home :stuck_out_tongue:


I am sorry to say that you have avoided exactly… nothing! Everything has just been temporarily postponed! Brace for impact :grin:


Where is this wonderful place?


Rome, Italy. If you happen to be around I can give you the directions…

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Oh well. I don’t really see a trip to Rome in my future. :rofl:

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I feared that it could be a bit out of your usual daily commute, but if you decide to come and visit us (really, you should consider it even discounting the presence of a bass.-only shop, we happen to be a lovely place :slight_smile: )

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Yes you are.

I have often wondered if people living in Rome are aware that there is an exact duplicate of the Rome Colosseum in North Africa in the small town of Jem, Tunisia, just outside of Sfax. It is in a lot better shape than the one in Rome because of the lack of tourism in that area. Just thought I would mention it.

I was given a private tour on one of my North African visits and I have to say it was breathtaking. The only other people on-site at the time were a team from National Geographic. It worked out perfectly as they gave me the background history of the site. :+1:

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To be honest, although tourists (and not tourists, too) are often too reckless with out heritage, in this case the fact is that marbles were stolen from the Colosseo to embellish villas and private mansions of the richest families…

There are several instances of Roman architecture around the world, and one of the constants is that very often they are much more cherished than what we do, because I suppose for us “it’s just another monument, nothing to write home about!” (Far from the truth, but…)

Thanks for mentioning this monument in Tunisia, sadly I have not had the pleasure to visit that country (yet!)

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