Hunting for a new small(er) combo amp for the house

My main amp set up is fixing to go live at church for a while and I’m hunt about for a replacement for the house. Thinking about the peavey Max 150. Anybody had experience with peavey amps?


I have played thru Peavey guitar cabinets, back in my guitar days in the 90’s. I liked them, but I don’t know much about the bass amps.
A lot of people here love the Fender Rumble 100.

I like the set up @JoshFossgreen has, the TC Electronics. Not sure OTTOMH which model he has, I think it’s the one I like best, BG250 2x8. They do the same 250w head combo with those 2x8, and with a 1x10 and 1x12. I really like the TonePrint and other features in the Anp n the combo.
Or you can get the amp as a mini head, BH250, or even a BH500
I like the 2x8 because the amp is basically the un modified BH250 mounted to the cabinet. The 1x10 and 1x12 are the same amp, But the housing, and input , out ports on the back are rearranged . The 2x8 you can use the combo, or you can add a speaker cab to it, or ou can basically use the amp head in the future to drive a completely different stack (with a warranty lid by removing one cable)). Of course this is OTTOMH , and is in theory, I do not have hands on with them, mainly cuz of Covid, and the fact GC is closed for so long.
HTH, but it doesn’t do anything to your question about Peavey.

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I’ve used a lot of Peavey gear over the years. It tends to last forever, and I’ve always thought the power and tone to be good.

My current, small, practice amp is a Minx 110. I’ve had this one since 1994. I just gave it an upgrade by swapping the speaker to a new 8ohm, Eminence Basslite S2010. The original speaker was an 8ohm— and I think it was a Peavey proprietary ? Sheffield. The new speaker is a Neo driver which really drops the weight. I think the one speaker shaved 3 lbs! It now weighs 30lbs, and the cab is super durable. I used it for years as a powered monitor for my drummer.

It’s only a 35 watt combo head but the new speaker rocks! It’s not my Mark Bass… but for $99 bucks invested it has turned into a great little amp. So much so, that I have just found another Minx 110 for $70 in the classifieds. Now, I’m going to upgrade that speaker as well, and have them both for lighter weight coffee house gigs.

I’m a believer that the older Peavey stuff is really durable and affordable. I’m not sure how he newer stuff is, but I wouldn’t think twice about shopping used. I do like taking stuff apart, cleaning and upgrading!


I liked the old Peavey stuff and had high hopes when I tried the new line of Max combos.

They’re still built like a truck but the sound isn’t what I remembered. Not bad, they just seemed off compared to what I remembered. I kept going back to the Peavey’s when I was trying out different amps. I wanted the Peavey to be the one.

I liked the Ampeg stuff for being warmer but their comparably priced equipment did not have build quality that came anywhere near the Peavey.

I finally settled on the Fender Rumble. Good build quality and a sound I liked better than the current Peavey line.

All just my subjective opinion. YMMV. Good luck finding what you want.


Well, I took the plunge today after narrowing my choices down to two. The Peavey max 150 and the Fender rumble 100. I call my “sales engineer” at sweetwater music and told him what I wanted, he turned me straight away toward the fender. It should be here Friday.


Congratulations. Be sure and check back and let us know what you think. :+1:

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I’m looking forward to it. If a guy who makes commission on sales points me to a less expensive option, there has to be a reason.


That specific Rumble seems to be universally loved. Sweet spot for price vs sound vs weight.


Yeah, I was honestly surprised that Fender is so strong in the Amp department these days. Irecall the days where everything was Mesa Boogie and Peavey, and Carvin, Course back when I was last paying attention to Amps was the 90’s, and way more on the guitar side, and Ip,aged Randall, Nd everybody else played Marshall. And I am referring mostly to Big Tube Amp Head with 1/2 to full stacks. A lot of combos never seemed able to carry the tone, and they didn’t look “cool enough”. Today you are a bad ass if you can fit your amp head in your back pocket, and there are some.
Combos now a days seem like a much better option. And I am sure they have been for a while, I missed a lot while not playing, now I am back, lots to catch up on.

Congrats on your purchase, I am sure you will love it, everybody else does.

I looked at it, but with Covid couldn’t go play one, or find one used. And I found a great deal on a combo combo. That is correct, two combos.
Combo one, SWR WorkingMan 15. Great little powerhouse on its own, with great sound.
Combo two is that it was COMBINED with a matching SWR WorkingMan 410, a half stack 4 x 10 cabinet. The combo is 160w alone and combines for 200w with the Cab.
Now, it’s not 500w and is not gonna be good enuf to play any gig, but hey, I don’t play any anyway…yet lol.
But the price was worth it.$100 for the combo, and $100 for the Cab, so at $200, was worth having the Cab for if / when I were to gig somewhere. And I love the sound out of the SWR, and being an older Combo, it is still pretty feature rich and versatile. So that’s basically why I don’t have a Fender Rumble 100. :crazy_face:

I’ve always like the SWR amps I’ve played thru. Your deals sound awesome. I don’t think I could’ve passed on those. Those amps were crazy expensive when they first came out. Congrats.

I’ve noticed so much of the new stuff is SO light. Class D amp heads, and neo drivers I think.


Yeah, $100 each, and he delivered them😲

Great shape for the age. Both are on wheels, so they are ultra easy to move around. The combo has plenty area to grab when moving, the Cab has standard flush handles on each side.

The wheels pop out of them, so you can ace them out of the cab pretty easy if needed, but if you take them out of the combo, you can throw it on he cab, plug into the cab and blast them real good.

They are both actually much lighter then hey look. I can by myself, get the combo into the back seat of my BMW 535i no prob, or throw it up on the cab, or the back of a truck.

I could not get them up stairs. Hell I can barely get myself up them right now, but I am on disability’s.
So $100 each. No brained. I was looking for a good amp solution, and I got more then I hoped for, for about 1/2 what I was considering spending.

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Anyone got experience with the Peavey Max 208? Asking for a friend.


Looks pretty cool.
I have played thru a TC Electronics with that same sort of set up, stacked 8"s.
It was loud and would get plenty of Bass, so it will be way more than enough for the house I am sure.

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Thanks T! :pray:

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