HX Stomp XL and External Compressor

Ok I’ve succumbed to a bit more GAS (must get back on the tablets) and ordered an HX Stomp XL.

Part of my mental justification for this (read self delusion) is that I will be able to sell pedals towards the cost now I don’t need them in theory.

This is not really a dilemma, except I am wondering about my Boss BC-1X compressor.

The question is how good and easily usable are the compressors in the Stomp? Or should I give up a bit of second hand sale money and keep the boss comp?

Views/advice welcome fellow Gassers.


@Barney - isn’t this the one you just got?


I would take my time selling it. First check if I am fine with the compressors in the HX, or if the BC-1X can bring anything unique to the pedal board.


Compressors generally work great in software - the ones in the Zoom units are great and compressor VST’s are perfect. I’m sure the ones in the Helix are fantastic.


Yes, I’m just starting to play with the compressors in the HX Stomp. I’m not really the best person to ask as I don’t have a physical compressor pedal. So I’ve always done the compression either in the Multi Efffects Procesor (Zoom now Stomp) or in post in the DAW.

When I was reading around / watching YT content. More than one musician had a compressor pedal on their board going into the Stomp

Here’s a list of the comps that you’ll find in the Stomp.


Nice selection. In particular, either the LA-2A or CLX should be excellent, if well modeled (which, given that it is Line6, I bet they will be).


The compressors in the HX are really good. The LA-2A is my favorite. I would use the ones from your stomp and sell the external one. That way you can play with your signal chain more. Just my 2 cents

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Thanks everyone for feedback so far, and @Barney for the list.

Encouraging to see the view that the compressors should be ok on the stomp and in software form generally.


Well the HX Stomp XL turned up, and PMT (UK music store) had very obviously shipped me either B stock, an ex demo unit or a second hand returned unit.
All the security seals were cut, finger prints all over the unit, power supply (which usually comes neatly coiled) open and tangled up. I just don’t know how long the unit has been used for or by whom.
Not acceptable, so that’s being collected tomorrow and now another wait for a (hopefully) virgin unit to be sent out.
PMT usually are pretty good, not on this occasion :rage: