I assign a finger to each string

I just started bass around 3 months ago ( 1 month break) and over time I’ve gotten comfortable plucking with one finger on each string.
Pointer finger - E, Middle finger - A, Ring Finger - D’G
I personally think Im decently efficient this way as I can pluck and mute my strings at a good to fast pace but is this something I should stop doing completely or maybe alternate to on occasion and learn to pluck normally.


It’s not a bad way to do it. This is similar to Gary Willis method. If you are new enough or young enough I highly recommend it.

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Definitely learn to alternate pluck. The benefits are huge.

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What a great idea, cool that you have found your own way to do it. It’s not an either/or decision, you can learn other techniques later, first, whatever suits you.


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This sounds like a cool idea, and will probably have all sorts of options for you that traditional plucking doesn’t offer.


Because there are so many songs where you have to play really fast repeated notes on the same string, I’d make sure you can also move those fingers around so that if you need to get repeated quick notes on a string, you can alternate your fingers and make that happen.


I don’t use my ring finger for anything, generally don’t need it unless there’s some kind of insane triplet run. If you’re having trouble reaching the D & G string I would suggest practicing moving your anchor down to the E or A string. Alternating plucking is an absolute must IMO