I cleaned my strings and discovered how bad my muting technique is

Had my bass a bit over a year, decided to try boiling the strings and see how that worked.

Worked great, bass sounded so much better, didn’t realise how dead the strings had got. Unfortunately the dead strings had been hiding the fact that I wasn’t properly muting the strings. Just got a new five string (pic in the “show us your bass” thread) and that highlights my inadequacy even more :frowning:


It’ll come with practice @DaveP . It’s quite an art in its own right and definitely something I don’t get right all the time


What I realized the last time I put new strings on my bass is that a lot of the string buzz new strings are creating doesn’t get amplified by the amp, so doesn’t matter.

Try practicing with headphones or crank up your amp. This might already help a bit.


From what I have heard, boiled strings WILL make dead strings play, sound and feel like NEW strings, however, it does not last as long as a new set would.
I do not know if Re-boiling them would work or not, maybe you can try it.


I put mine in the little ultrasonic jewelry cleaner for about 6 mins with a little sanitizer solution(not Chlorine) then spray then with the stainless steel cleaner to get a thin coating. It works for me. I do that with most if not all my used basses. You don’t know where’s it’s been.


You got the best wife!!!

You should buy her some hewelry to clean in that cleaner :wink: :wink:

Kidding, I am sure her jewelry cleaning needs far outweigh your bass string cleaning needs. :rofl: :rofl:


I think the moral of the story here is to never clean your strings! :smile:


The other moral of the story is… use flats, never change them, be funky. lol


Funny enough, I’ve since replaced those string with flats. Mostly so as to give my 4 string a different identity to the new 5 string. Absolutely love the sound of the flats (Fender stainless - the only flatwounds the local store had) and they’re brighter than I was expecting. Love the feel of them too


That brightness will tone down as they get some play time. Mine mellowed out within about a month into a warm, percussive thump with good sustain. Great, cheaper flat.

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Headphones always amplified ringing and buzzing strings for me. But I think it is important not to spend too much time getting every last string buzz or ringing eliminated. When playing in a band situation, tiny imperfections get drown out anyways. Disregard the above if you want to become a session musician, of course.

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