I confess

I am using Yousician to practice bass, and I’m paying for premium of that but am not using the bb course :grimacing:. The police got my mugshot…

If any of y’all wanna help me out please let me know how much better the bb course is than Yousician, or if… ugh… Sc!t’s Bass Les!o!s is better.

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In my limited experience with Yousician these are my takeaways:

“Here. Play this. Ah you missed this note. Play again.”

“Ok, so in order to play this you need to understand this and that. Now watch me play it. Ok, join in. * insert tips *. Did you know that this sounds good because you’re using this and that”

I’d say one doesn’t exclude the other. But you’re definitely missing on Josh’s knowledge and tips


I would second gcancella. I tried Yousican and it’s Ok but only that. It’s like trying to learn a foreign language with automated programs like Babbel. If you can get into that it’s fine but it’s nothing like interacting with a person, and yeah I know Bassbuzz isn’t a personal Face-To-Face with Josh but it’s better than a robot (apart from the odd time when Robot Josh makes an appearance).


It is NOT? :astonished: Sure feels like it.
(Especially in this day and age, when 80% of my interactions with people are through computer screens anyway.)


lol. I know what you mean but if you really want personal face to face with Josh all to yourself he charges quite a bit more than the BazzBuzz fee :smile:


I think I would die! :star_struck: :laughing:


My experience with Yousician is that they trap you into annoying subscriptions and teach you all technique but no theory. Yousician is how I learned how to shred on guitar but didn’t know the difference between an Emaj7 and an E7. I’m not joking, that was an embarrassing day.


Hah, yeah, such an unfortunate notation choice for the dominant 7th chords vs the major 7th chords. I bet that gets literally everyone. It certainly got me.


oof! I hope it wasn’t with your band…

Do b2b if you want a baseline (lol) level of proficiency. I started playing tabs and some of my abilities far outmached others which left me with big holes in my playing. Scotts bass lesson are good if you are a person who is ok writing out their own learning syllabus because their is no direction and players path is monotonous. I would rather spend my time learning hard songs I like then songs generated to sound like a genre.