I feel stuck/ UPDATE! going to do the monthly plan for the physical copy. ready to see where this takes me

Hey guys, I do not know how to set up my practice routine to become better, I just feel like I’m not getting better but I’m not getting worse. Im really inspired by joshs Geezer video and I want more stuff like that to practice. any advice?


I know whereof you speak! I am brand new to bass, but, yes I have to admit it, I am a recovering banjo player, but in my defence, I have been clean and finger pick free for over 20 years. The mandolin and the guitar and now the bass have saved me from a fate worse than death. So, I understand what you are feeling. Learning to play is a not a clean steady rise in abilities. It is a series of plateaus or levels that you ride on for a while and then suddenly there is an epiphany and you move on to the next plateau. Just be patient and have faith in yourself. It will come to you if you work at it and have patience.


Have you taken the course?
That’s the very first place to start.


Really wish i could! just dont got the money. hopefully in the near future I can


I hope so too. That’s what you need. Watching YouTube videos is a great addendum to the B2B course, but trying to learn bass from just watching YT is just floundering.


:100: This^^^

There is no better advice for how to learn bass than to sign up for Beginner to Badass. Save your money or use the payment plan, whatever it takes, because the lessons are a solid, methodical way to learn bass and get better. They are nothing like free YouTube videos.


Yeah, strongly recommend taking the course.


being disciplined without direction is going to be challenging.
No one gives that out for free, only teasers.

Josh does offer a payment plan which might help you out as well.
Until then, I would offer:

Ari Cap’s first book, great stuff and built in direction to get you through.

Check out Rich Brown at:

Go to his videos, sort by recently uploaded, scroll all the way down and work your way back up. Ignore performance videos, and work through each exercies video. Take notes, go slow, you will learn a ton. It is not connected like a course but follows a path if you go from oldest to newest. Some are hard, take your time.


@chasteen12 StudyBass.com is free:


Congrats on the physical set! You’re going to love it!


I just keep challenging myself by learning songs that are progressively more difficult than the last. If I get stuck and run into something I just cannot play, I look for a different song. This way I always feel like I am moving forward and becoming a better player. I think it’s pretty natural with anything that you learn to hit a plateau and it can be very frustrating.

I am also a golfer, and when I first started playing I was terrible. There are certain milestones in golf that everyone tries to achieve. First is to break 100. Then 90, then 80, etc. Well, I broke 100 on my first round (somehow), then played a ton of rounds at or over 100. Slowly I began working my way down to the mid to low 90’s, and when I felt like I was on the cusp of breaking 90, I started playing worse and shooting over 100 again. This was very difficult because I felt like I was playing, learning, but actually getting worse! Eventually, I learned from some of my mistakes and technique issues that were holding me back, and I began breaking 90 with ease. I slowly worked my way down to the mid 80’s, and now that’s where I sit. I have shot a few 80’s but still haven’t made it into the 70’s.

The point is that skills require persistence and time to develop. It is normal to plateau and sometimes you will regress. With practice and dedication, you will improve.

The most helpful piece of advice I have ever received when it comes to playing bass was a quote from Green Day bassist Mike Dirnt, when asked what advice he would give to bass players he said “You’ll get better”. I always remind myself of that when I am feeling frustrated.

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Great choice on doing the payment plan on the program! Josh is, IMO, the best bass teacher around. He is great at putting things in a simple manner that makes sense for me!

I am a member of StudyBass. Good teacher but super dry.