I finished the course!


I just wanted to say that I completed the course! I have to admit that I slowed things down for a few weeks because I really didn’t want it to end. But, as always, Josh was right on point with his last few words. I came away with one very important thing, IT SHOULD BE FUN! That really got me charged up. I am just enjoying playing what I can and growing as a bassist! I play what I like as often as I can. After all, at my age I have no delusions of being a rock star. I look forward to growing and maybe even play with a band, at least once. I am working on some theory and then I plan to retake the course! This has been a wonderful experience!


I’m stalled right now because of life events and it’s summer and I’m getting in Beach time. The great thing about the course is that I can pick it up right where I left off! I don’t feel rushed or pressured!


I totally agree, I had to delay things a few times along the way. This is a very well crafted program at every level.


Thanks for sharing @nicholas.richino!!! Super glad you got through the course and are having fun. :slight_smile:


Congratulations mate! It will never stop - the learning, the growth in confidence, the downright buzz you get when a bassline just plain grooves away. Enjoy the Bass life!


Thank you! You’re right, a lot of work to do but it’s accompanied with the joy of learning and playing the bass.


That’s awesome! I haven’t started as of yet! Actually today I pick up my new Bass guitar! Can’t wait! I plan to begin this weekend with the course. Who am I kidding, once I tune my Bass tonight, I’ll start the lessons. HaHa!



I am glad to hear that you are getting started! You won’t be sorry that you chose this program. Just take your time and you will be very impressed with the results. While I wouldn’t call myself a Badass bass player, I certainly have an incredible foundation in which to become one!


Sorry, you’re contractually obligated to call yourself a Badass now. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh! Didn’t see that! OK, I am a Badass bass player!!! The funny thing is that I was really feeling good about my playing. So I went to guitar Center and was looking at a new bass. I was plugged in and doing my thing when this guy comes in and starts looking at the high price american made Fenders. I felt that I should surrender the amp in the name of good bass fellowship! So I did. This guy starts playing and WOW he was good. Right there on the spot the bass room filled up and he was offered a job in a cover band. So I decided that being a Badass bass player is like being a gun fighter in the old west, there is always someone faster!:stuck_out_tongue:


Haha, yeah people love to show off in music stores. Never heard of someone actually getting a gig that way though! Normally it’s people who can’t get a real gig because they’ve just got a big pile of sloppy, overplaying chops that they smear all over everything. :slight_smile:

This does remind me of a funny story about how I got a gig in NYC once, I should start a thread for that…


I have heard those guy. With this guy it was his tone. Not volume, but so pure that it carried. But, I admit that I’m limited in my understanding.