I have a bad case of G.A.S: Squier 70s Vibe Jazz, Fleabass Model 32, and now... Fender Jazz Bass Special (Boxer)

I bought a Fleabass Model 32 “Water” Bass right before the factory shut down and to be honest, I tried playing and put this bass on the wall (though I love the Bartolini pickup tone). When I decided to give it another try at the age of 56, I acquired the Squier Classic Vibe '70s Jazz Bass Maple Fingerboard Natural per this site’s recommendation. It’s a fine starting instrument and I thoroughly enjoy it and I used it to start my Beginner to Badass course. I have signed up for lessons at the local Guitar Center and in the past 4 weeks have become a bit of a Guitar Center groupie. I go up there every couple of days and pull down every bass in the place and hook up about every amp head and speaker and try combinations. Learning a lot about tone. I have been holding out to get an L-2000 bass, though I am a passive only guy. And last night, there was a MIJ Fender Jazz Bass Special (Boxer) in Sherwood Green. It was used, but flawless. I took it down, started playing the few pieces I know by heart and OMG… I was possessed. I pulled the few instruments I had liked the most to compare, but the electronics and tone controls with the ability to switch on and off the varying pickups on the Boxer bass were amazing. I only have one dislike, the precision pickups bolt on and sticks up and it is a bit uncomfortable to rest my finder on on it when I play (the jazz bass pickups are rounded. Apparently the previous owner had just paid for a setup, I had asked the store tech about one and he told me to not bother… they owner had paid for one 2 weeks before then sold it to upgrade to another bass. I played it at the store for 3 hours, came home and played 3 more. I am addicted to my new toy. However, now I have three basses. The only question in my mind is do I get rid of the Squier now, or keep it. I didn’t trade it because the trade in value from the store was ridiculously low. But I could sell it online if I wanted to.

  1. Welcome to the forum - there is an “introduce yourself” thread; maybe you want to pop over there and introduce yourself to everyone!?
  2. Congrats on your new bass. Seems like you found an instrument that you connect with and enjoy playing! That is awesome!
  3. What is wrong with owning 3 (or more) basses? Unless you really need the money, I’d say hang on to that Squier for now. What you appreciate in a bass changes over time (and with your skill level and after finding what you like and don’t like in instruments and what kind of tones you can get etc.). My guess is that you likely will regret selling it already now, at this stage of your bass journey.

I would definitely hold on to the Squier. I’ve had a couple in the past and regret letting them go. You can always upgrade it later, better pickups, tuners etc. and if you’re worried about the name on it, don’t be. Ever heard of Jeff Healey? Famous blind guitarist that preferred Squier guitars. Keep it I say


@joergkutter 1) I will head over to the introduction thread and introduce myself. 2) Thank you, I am about to pull it out and practice some more. 3) Nothing, I have more expendable income than many people… I had minimalized my life a few years ago.

@TheMadBassist I love Jeff Healey. I did not know he preferred them. I enjoy playing it, just could not believe the difference in my newer Fender Boxer.

I have decided keep the Squier if nothing else to document my journey as a bass player.


That’s great, you won’t regret it!!