I have MEH / reverse GAS

Soo, I’ve gone through times when money was really tight. My solution used to be to avoid buying or changing things. This is fine (insert meme), only you often get stuck. Getting stuck is not fine.

Currently, I caught myself thinking “I can fix up my old $0 bass and it’s deeeep neck dive by buying tire weights and perhaps just getting good.” While I do appreciate that GAS is a more volatile problem, I feel stuck. My lizard brain keeps finding excuses to postpone buying a new, affordable bass. I think this is MEH (My Equipment is still fine Habit)

Here’s my ca. 1999 Yamaha RBX260 - it still has the RBX260 Sticker on the headstock, mint condition. There are a few screws in a bag in the electronics compartment, to alleviate neck dive (it is not enough weight).

Perhaps you can weigh in with your opinions! I went to the local guitar center and tried these two basses, among other ones:

I love the Ray 34, and my local dealer offers one at ca. $1000. However, the quality control issues with this batch made me re-think. I have heard that the tuners crap out and the truss rod might be stuck, the finish might be spotty … really, not good enough for the price. Maybe you have made better experiences?

I wish they had this in funner colors. I kind of lean towards white, as I want a neat color, not black again. But the brown or brick are … not for me! So, I am currently marinating this thought of “Do I want white? Maybe if I put stickers on it, á la Flea? What if I get black? Colored strings?”

Help - I don’t want to die rich, but my “I used to live on $5 a day” brain cannot decide! :smiley: :laughing:

Yours indecisively,

PS: Forgot to explain that my old bass is one, dear to me, I’ll keep it, and two, it was a gift to me when I bought my first amp. The guy literally shoved it into my hand and said, take it, I quit. His girlfriend said “I wish you would keep playing.” That was when I knew that bass is sexy. :sunglasses:


edit: missed that that was a 504. Just step up to the 604 and get one of the nicest colors I have ever seen, the Dark Red Burst:

I owned one, it’s gorgeous in real life. The Transparent Black is really pretty too.

Photos do not do it justice, it’s a gorgeous blue/grey.


That said, I have anti-GAS for bass myself too. I know what I like now, and am down to two basses I love, and am not gassing for more.


I’m all gassed out as well.
Only thing I want is a new full size mic/camera stand to replace the cheapo one I fight with constantly.


I have a black TRBX504 and love it. Yamaha is an easy go to brand for all occasions.


Just wanted to add that if your budget is around $1000, I’m sure there are plenty of other options available to you. Don’t get that white one if it doesn’t appeal to you 100%, because that will always be nagging you.


Thanks for the input, guys, I appreciate the ideas. :slight_smile:

Since '21 I’ve followed an approach of “less than perfect”, so I’d be willing to be 90% about what I get. The red 604 sure looks nice - now I have three options, thanks a lot, @howard :wink: (all good, great idea).


I am still on my first bass, but I intend to go into a store some time before xmas to maybe get myself a christmas gift. I intend to check out a few basses and only will buy one if I really, really like it.

I already checked, the shop where I am going to has this bass on display: https://www.ibanez.com/eu/products/detail/sr4fmdx_1p_01.html
If you like colors, maybe it is one other option for you :smiley:
If it wows me, it is probably the one I will be getting.


That sounds great! You can try the balance of the bass (just put it on your leg keep your fret hand floating, then release the plucking hand), and of course feel the bass in your hands.

Your colour choice is nice, too, it’s definitely something unique and personal. :slight_smile:

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i have never heard any widespread complaints about quality control at music man?


As far as I know both they and G&L are very good for quality control.


Gear Apathy Syndrome :joy:


I don’t think it counts if you just bought a guitar (or two) :wink:

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EBMM basses are products of very high quality control.

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They should be for what they charge for them, their Stingray Specials are definitely in the boutique build price bracket.

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As Al has mentioned, EBMM instruments feel like they’re built, not assembled.

Yeah that’s why I said “for bass” :rofl:

I just bought two guitars (in the same line!), one plugin, and am seriously considering a major plugin purchase now. GAS has just shifted gears.

I only know because I suffer from a similar ailment. What scares me is that I just ordered a soldering iron :dizzy_face:


You’re well on your way to becoming a maximalist.


I have ‘desire to mess with stuff’-itis. seriously considering tearing down my 32 scale ibanez gaxb 150 for a repaint/finish, new tuners, an emg pickup and a tone knob…but its a $150 bass and I could just buy a Squire Jag or Les Paul Jr. Tribute.

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