I have my favorite song that has amazing bass in it, but i can't find the tabs for it anywhere

So i have my favorite rock song, which is Panic Attack - We Cry Diamonds and it’s one of many songs that’s inviting me to try and play it’s bass line but i can’t manage to find any video of anyone playing the song, even more so, the bass. The way the bass sounds in this song is something different and i have no idea if they are using strumming picking or slapping for it, cuz i just don’t have enough experience to destinguish the differences just by ear. If anyone more skilled than me / more patient to find/create the tabs for this song, I’d be grateful. Or at least help in identifying the technique would be appreciated


Hi there,

Sounds like you could figure this one out by yourself, perhaps. At least the main groove.

You could use a YouTube looper to isolate parts of the song.
Repeat YouTube Videos | LoopTube [with your song]

And if you make your own tabs, be sure to post them, this one is a banger!



You can use the chords as a starting point:


never heard it before… catchy tune. reminds me of some musicfrom the 80s NewYork synthpoppunk scene like Yaz or Depeche Mode or Book of Roses

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Thanks for the suggestions guys. I’ll make sure to keep u updated on how my figuring out is going. Also i totally agree, it rly is a banger and my favorite song and its a bummer that there aren’t tabs for the bass. I might also try to contact their bassist somewhere and ask if he maybe still has the tabs lol

I just listened to it, and i really like it. I’d like to play it as well. I’m going to try to tone it out, but I’m really bad and slow at that. If you happen to find or make a tab for it, please share it with me. That sounds fun to play.

Beyond that, welcome @Cadio ! Really glad you are here with us!

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Do I read the chords from chordify right and this is in B-minor? Thanks for that tip!

If so, you could try the B-minor scale starting on B. You have this progression:


I haven’t figured out the rhythm yet, so please correct me.

Best played with a pick and lots of tone on a P-Bass, if I am not mistaken.

Happy jamming!


I know that I might not being bringing something very intellectual here but I was having the same problem with a song.
I knew the key but I couldn’t figure out the picking pattern.
So I found a dude on fiver that delivered everything I needed and then some.
If you try and still hitting the wall DM me so I can give you his link.
I’m not affiliated to him I’m just a very satisfied customer that wanted to play X song with minimal effort

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omg i sent an email to Daniel Roberts, the bassist of We Cry Diamonds and he replied to me with a set of Nashville Number Charts for the whole album! im so excited to get to learn this one! what an amazing guy! unfortunately i cant post the pdf file here of the numbers but if you would want to see em, feel free to send me an email janekch892@gmail.com and ill send u the file!
" Thanks for reaching out! I’m glad you’re a fan! I’ve attached my Nashville Number Charts for our whole album for you.
Panic Attack is in the key D major. Each number represents the tone in that major scale. 6 is Bm, 1 is D, 4 is G, 5 is A and 2 is Em. I believe I’m mostly playing pentatonic scales over each chord tone, minor on the 2 and 6 and major on the 1,4, and 5. Hope this helps. I don’t have any bass tabs.

Take care,
Daniel "


What a cool guy!

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I got one i really want and can’t find " don’t call us-well call you" by sugarloaf

Have you looked on songster. Com?

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Yes. It was in guitar pro, but i hate their tabs. Can’t make them scroll

Thank you @EddieJones . i must admit i didn’t even think to look for a YouTube playalong

Ill add my piece here too, isolate bass track using Lalal.ai or moises.ai to better hear the details of bass line when transcribing.

Check out Ultimate-guitar.com. I found it in there.

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