I need help with my Bass VI


I am finally setting up my Squier Bass VI but I have a problem with the thick 6th e-string. It doesn’t fit fit trough the tremolos’ hole. I bought a new set of La Bella Bass VI strings. Well most of the string fits right trough, just the part of string that is wound thicker on itself close to the “metal ball” is to thick to pull it through, with just a gentle use of force.

Any ideas how to fix that without using a drill on the bridge/tremolo?

Is it save to remove the screw in front of the hole?


This is a very common problem, even on more expensives trems (I bought a Mastery replacement and had the same issue). It seems this is quite specific to LaBellas and I think its odd as its the most popular combo.

Anyway, remove the assembly (it’s very safe to do) and get yourself a cheap, small round file and spin and push gently until the string goes in with no rubbing and a bit of clearance. I wouldn’t use a drill or a Dremel, both can go ary quickly. Take the time with the file and you are good to to.


This is odd. Sorry to hear that. Yeah, @John_E is right, no dremel, it goes bad quickly, don’t ask me how I know, :joy:


Reamer might work better than file for this


Thank you, I tried a reamer to enlarge the hole. Since I have no small round file, I used round prick punch to (hopefully) smoothen any rough edges and it worked! :+1:

I scratched the tremolos bottom plate though in one spot, I was surprised to see that beneath the chrome plating, it seems to be made of cooper.


Probably brass.



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