I played "Comfortably Numb"

I discovered “songsterr” yesterday. “Comfortably Numb” appeared to be well within the scope of my ability. So, I played it. Wasn’t perfect but the notes were there. I found out about latency. The music lagged behind the onscreen tab and that was why I made the errors. Is there another free site where the tab and the playing line up better? Songsterr is okay for what it is (free) but I want to nail these songs. BTW, I re-started B2B and am back to where I was when Covid gave me brain fog. The second time through so far has been trouble free. The Sterling sounds wonderful and is so well set up and easy to play. The D’addario Chrome Flats sound great and feel so good.


My suggestion @EddieJones ,
Would be to transcribe the tab to paper and then play it along to an audio track.
This will help in nailing the song👍
Or even better if you can read music transcribe it to musical notation :+1:
Cheers Brian

Here is a Pink Floyd one I have done,
It would not be hard to transcribe to tab
Cheers Brian


Another variation on the same song

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To make it line up for everybody, Songsterr would have to add a setting to change latency for screen and sound, as different screens have different latency (When using a TV for output, that lag might be very noticable).

Also, chances are that if the tab on screen and the sound would perfectly line up, the tab/notation would be very hard to read.

I use Rocksmith a lot (not free), where tabs line up pretty good most of the time (except some CDLCs). When you load up the tabs they are using in a software that can show them as tab/notation, that can look pretty wild. Here is an excerpt from White Zombie - Soul Crusher:

Try to view the marker that visually shows you where you are in the tab just as a guide, and try to play more by sound. So listen to the drums and other instruments for playing your notes at the right time.
Playing by visuals will always be messy.