I went to a Pink Floyd thing tonite

official blurb at the end

At the local Entertainment Centre a Pink Floyd Tribute- one of the few things that will get me to leave the house.
It was actually pretty good.
Interesting that there were two guitarists, but one double on tenor sax.
They played Echoes first and I was a little disappointed even though they did a very good job-my bar is high as Echoes at Pompeii is one of my favourite pieces of music.
They used ebows to get a lot of the wind effects on both guitar and bass and apparently the seagulls were a wah pedal connected backwards(?)
Throughout the show it was obvious that they are all great musicians but it just lacked the pulse that Pink Floyd had-I am sure you know what I mean.
At times the rhythm was just not right, especially in Echoes and Money.
The woman singing Great Gig in the Sky was awesome and absolutely ripped the joint down with her vocals.
They finished with Shine on you Crazy Diamond as a single piece and it was fantastic (only spoiled by a bit of a gratuitous drum solo that they seemed not to know how to end- it was good drumming tho).
They did not comeback for an encore despite stamping and calls for Wish You were Here.
I have never seen so many head banging oldies in band shirts (I now know what old folk’s music really is)

Overall a good night out

Pink Floyd’s Evolution

Continuing on from the spectacular concerts presented at The Melbourne Town Hall and Darling Harbour Theatre Sydney to celebrate the 50th anniversary of THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON comes PINK FLOYD’S EVOLUTION comprised of:

ECHOES… a 23-minute Pink Floyd aural extravaganza that recaptures, within a new musical framework, some of the old themes and melody lines from earlier albums. All of this plus a funky organ-bass-drums segment and the stunning guitar solos and haunting “seagulls”, created by plugging a wah-wah pedal in back to front, adds up to a fine extended electronic outing. Ambitious beyond anything Pink Floyd had attempted before, wild beyond anything they’d attempt after. Rolling Stone named it as the fifth-best song by Pink Floyd

THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON… The Dark Side of the Moon is among the most critically acclaimed albums and often features in professional listings of the greatest of all time. A blockbuster release of the album era, it also propelled record sales throughout the music industry during the 1970s. The Dark Side of the Moon is certified 14 times platinum in the United Kingdom and topped the US Billboard Top LPs & Tape chart, where it has charted for 981 weeks. The Dark Side of the Moon has sold over 45 million copies worldwide, making it the best-selling album of the 1970s and the fourth-best-selling album in history.

SHINE ON YOU CRAZY DIAMOND… The song was conceived and written as a tribute and remembrance to Pink Floyd founding member Syd Barrett. “Shine on You Crazy Diamond” was first performed on Pink Floyd’s 1974 French tour and was recorded for their 1975 concept album Wish You Were Here. The track was originally intended to be a side-long composition, like “Atom Heart Mother” and “Echoes”

This FULL LENGTH version will be re-created for the EVOLUTION tour


Roger Mason Electronics (Models, Icehouse, Gary Numan, Wall of Voodoo and an extensive career in film & television composition)

James Ryan Guitars (Ross Wilson, Vanessa Amorosi, Men at Work, Russell Morris)

Kit Riley Bass (The Badloves, Ross Wilson)

Haydn Meggitt Drums, Percussion (Ross Wilson, Bachelor Girl, Kate Ceberano)

Pete Mitchell Sax/ Guitar (Melbourne Ska Orchestra, John Butler)

Olivia Nathan Vocals (Vanessa Amorosi, Katie Cole, Tommy Rando)

Susie Goble Vocals (Miley Cyrus, U2, Icehouse)


Pink Floyd stopped with Echoes too. Gilmour says he feels the give and take with Richard Wright and now that he’s gone, Gilmour won’t perform it ever again

I think I mentioned above that Echoes at Pompeii is on of my favourite pieces of music, the bass and guitar pulsing and locked, Wright and Gilmour in sync, Gilmour’s guitar. Wright painting in the spaces and I just love Mason on drums and I am not a drummer, Waters’ bass is just hypnotic.
In this show unfortunately the 2nd guitar did the iconic “Phantom of the Opera” riff which I specifically wanted to hear and see played, so I guess the bassist wasn’t up to it(?)

The two guitar players did a lot of orgasmic twitching which I am not a fan of.
Yes I am picky-I still enjoyed it.

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I have tickets for a Pink Floyd and Rush tribute concert here in October. This just made me even more excited for the big night. :grinning:

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