Ibanez EHB1005MS

I was watching bass videos on YouTube (as per usual) and stumbled upon this video:

Found out he’s playing one of Ibanez’s new headless basses. It looks so nice, I wanna get my hands on it!

What do you guys think of it?


Hi @jenny20
It comes down to what feels good in your hands.
Sure looks also play an important part in choosing a bass, because internally if it feels good to you, you will feel good playing it.
I have a dozen or so different basses and each feels completely different, even playing with flats or rounds can make a bass feel completely different.
Hope this helps.
Cheers Brian


Yeah totally agree with you there. I’ve definitely been burned a couple times by instruments I thought looked pretty but once in person we just didn’t click :laughing:


I think variable scale length basses like that (or most Dingwalls, etc) are super interesting. It is a nice way to get better string tension on the B and E strings. I’ve never tried one enough to see if the fanned frets would bug me though.


I think if you like it, and it feels right to you, you will look great with it.
For me, I would have to feel a very good one that clicked in order for me to get past the lack of head. But I have met plenty with headstock Thad were not for me either.
I will say right off the bat, I like it more then most headless I have seen before, course, I am partial to Ibanez.
Course, I love Carvins too, and was not fond of their headless either, so I hope to come across one of these and see if it can change my mind.


It actually has a tiny headstock :slight_smile:


That it does, almost not there, but it is.

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