Ibanez SR or SRX 700 Series

Hi All,

Since my search for the bass “that feels right” is still ongoing and I don’t want to put anymore money into expensive basses (I am no rich guy), Ibanez has peaked my interest once again. 2 models actually. The SR700 and the SRX700 (Carol Kaye’s choice). I had a Ibanez 5er long ago. It was nice but I sold it when I moved countries.

The difference, I’ve read, between those 2 700 models are: SR - jatoba, bubinga (which I love), mahogany and maple, bolt on with 3 band EQ vs SRX - neck through, maple, walnut and rosewood, 2 band EQ and wider string spacing.

Has anyone owned or played either model? Good? Bad? Anyone heard problems common with these models?

@howard - need your insight on this one. One alternative I have seen is the BB734A but I’ve heard about electronic issues.

What I like in a bass so far:

Prefer rosewood or ebony fretboards over maple
Prefer flat fretboards ie 12 or higher radius
Prefer darker necks i.e. bubinga over maple that are D shaped
I prefer a smooth heal. Even though I own Fenders I am not a fan of that block behind the neck.

So anyone? Forgive me if I am just adding more excess to our forum.


No issues at all with mine.

It’s one of the best basses you can buy for any price, IMO.

One interesting thing is that a couple years ago when I was trying them in stores, I did find two that seemed to have a weird issue with the EQ, but I never saw it after that (and trying many more).


@howard What is the neck profile like?


40mm nut, so halfway between a typical Ibanez SR, Fender Jazz, or Yamaha TRBX and something like a P-bass. Profile is a nice slim C, substantial but not chunky. The back is painted satin. Very very nice feeling neck. 6-bolt body join too.


Satin paint is such an improvement over the high gloss “sticky” necks. Its the reason I gave away my Squire. The neck didn’t have a nice glide to it. 6 bolt is also a nice feature.

Thanks @howard .


I absolutely hate glossy necks. Satin or tung oil ftmfw :joy:


Definitely. I think that’s why I like the bubinga necks so much. They are oiled not sticky and smooth to play on.