Ibanez sr5fmdx

Has anyone played one of these bad boys in either 4 or 5 string? They certainly look good (yes I’m a fan of green).


I have an SR1350 4 string that has a the same electronics and layout. I love the Norstrand Big Singles and the Atlas neck is great to play. Extremely clear, modern, and articulate. It has become the bass that I take out of the house when I play with others.


I love that green and the wood sandwich finish.
I have the EHB1506 MS which uses the same pickup and similar preamp configuration. They sound pretty solid.


No , but if you want to send me one I’ll definitely try my best to give you an honest opinion :grin:

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I have one since November last year.

4 string. I like the sound I can get out of it, you can get a good growly sound of it.
The neck feels awesome, open pore wood neck.

I am even still on the strings it came with, but I really need to change them now, it just doesn’t sound as good as it used to.

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Very nice @Malyngo.

I briefly tried an open pore neck in a shop recently and thought it was pretty good.

Yep, really like how they’ve done this one.

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I literally bought one today. It was marked as used but the plastic had not even been peeled off the pickups. Its new as far as I can tell and I saved a 1/3 of the MSRP.
The neck feels great and the active pickups seem really neat (ok I come from playing acoustic ukuleles, forgive me) and it seems to be able to mimic the sound of Jazz and P Basses if you fiddle with it (which is what i was initially looking at). Neck feels great too, maybe a bit narrower than the Fenders, but I like it.


Welcome @reventlow

That’s awesome, looks amazing. I definitely am “green” with envy now.

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