Identify this strap button

the used Yamaha bass I bought came with these odd strap buttons. Are these for some kind of locking system?


Yes, they are! Schaller makes popular ones, but also Fender, Dunlop, and others.

Not sure what yours are, but they could be Schaller strap locks… did you get the counterparts when you bought the bass?


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it looks like chinese copies of a Shaller strap-lock button.

I have both and the chinese ones are a bit more squared (with a shorter bevel) than the original ones, but they work pretty well with original Shaller mecanisms


Those are Schaller S-Locks, yeah. Not sure if original or copies as @terb mentions.

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yes, hard to be 100% sure. to compare, here is what I have at home, the original Shaller being on the left :

to be precise about the exact model I’m showing :

… because I believe the current model is a little bit different.

'hope it helps :v:


Hi @joergkutter! Thanks for your response. I didn’t receive the strap hardware. I bet the schaller/ fender stuff would fit. We

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Brilliant! Thanks everyone. I actually took them off the bass and swapped some standard Fender buttons I had because the rubber washer strap locks I use kept popping off the bass horn button. If I can get the strap side hardware, I see no reason not to use them going forward. Nice.