IK multimedia 25th anniversary sale

The makers of Amplitube have Group Buy event. ATM. it’s buy one get 8 for free. Could be interesting for someone.


These plugins are seriously overpriced…I want Sunset Sound Reverb thou.

Don’t have that one but have tons of others. I think I actually like Melda’s the most. I have Valhalla Room and Supermassive, which everyone loves, but not my favorites.

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I love Melda stuff. Their concept and execution are outstanding.

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Yeah a lot of their stuff is great, I have a bunch. I love their multiband Chorus.

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I consider them … Soundtoys on steroids. Their algorithms work great and are interesting, but you also have endless possibilities how to modify “the sound mangling” as pleased. Pricey, but for a reason.

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I highly recommend IK.

The Kilohearts ecosystem is amazing for this too. Multipass is the most useful plugin I own, when you factor in all the other snapins.

Soundtoys uses better names though :slight_smile: