I'm a design student trying to design a new bass guitar for a college assignment. Please help out

@Abraham1409 Check out the Bass Porn thread for some inspiration

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Yeah this is the best advice yet.

Lots of inspiration there for something new and original!

I have the solution for you @bigjes. Right angled jack plug vs straight jack plug.




See, I like it coming out of the front, that way I dont’ bash it in when sitting on the bed/couch/ larger chair, etc.

@Abraham1409 Just out of curiosity. Are you studying industrial design? Being one myself and having learned to setup basses and having understood better how many of the materials and parts work, I find it a very interesting project.
I think the hardest thing would be to reach a balance between simplicity (like a P-bass) and functionality (adjustable, exchangeable pick-ups, exchangeable connectors, passive vs active, etc.) It feels as if at least two versions of a concept ought to exist, one for the simplicity minded player with some possibilities of adjustment and another for versatility of components. The perfect bass, just one, does not exist, imho.


Cup holders


I want to thank everyone that gave me inputs and suggestions for designing my bass. It was really helpful. Now I can gladly say that it has been completed. Apart from adding 4 more frets and strap buttons it works and works well. Hope everyone likes the design.


Feel free to ask any questions about it.


Does it play? How does it sound?

Some sound bites would be cool… or a video where it’s being played!

How heavy is it? Is it balanced? What woods did you use??

Nice job!

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It plays and sounds well.

I will be recording with it soon

It is about 5kg and a bit heavier at the headstock side. It is made entirely out of teak wood.

Thanks a lot!:slight_smile:


how much? lol.

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Not for sale😂


I know not that one, lol.

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I’m more interested in what you have to say about it.

  1. What went well?
  2. What went poorly?
  3. What didn’t turn out the way you expected?
  4. What turned out better than expected?
  5. What would you do different?
  6. What helped you figure it all out from a lutheir’s pespective?
  7. What grade did you get?
  8. Would you do it again?

Looks great! Nice job! What inspired the handle? What’s the scale of the B string?

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  1. The carving of the wood went quite smoothly. It a single piece of teak.

  2. I wouldn’t say anything went poorly except that it was just hard work.

3 was. The neck turned out thicker than normal, but it gives a nice and beefy feel that you get used to.

  1. The fanned frets turned out better than expected.

  2. Do it again with a lighter wood.

  3. Guitar building videos and a lot of reading.

  4. Hasn’t been graded yet. The exam is coming up soon. But everyone does say it will get a very high grade.

  5. I would definitely do it it again. I’m ever considering guitar building as a career and my professor in is full support.


Thanks a lot! The handle was inspired by the Steve Vai signature Ibanez. Just added it for easier carrying. The B string is 37 inches.


I really like how it turned out. It has a definite mood to it that’s unique. For the right context, I could see wanting to buy it.

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Congrats on your design and hard work. With this, you have taken the first step towards joining the tiny pantheon of original luthiers.

Some unsolicited observations (feel free to ignore):

  • Teak sure is heavy, as the final weight of this bass attests. I’d be curious to see how well this design would balance with an Ash body and Maple neck.
  • It looks like this design might be prone to neck dive; but this prototype’s Teak body likely counteracts that somewhat.
  • Give some careful consideration to where you’d optimally install strap buttons to ensure the neck is held up, in a comfortable playing position.

Great work, here, man. Keep it up and let us know how you score on your test. :+1:


I really appreciate this. Thank you so much. :slight_smile:

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