I'm starting To Feel "Badass"

So, I started B2B on January 4th. I printed out the Hardcore/1 month plan because I have lots of time to practice and I wanted to move quickly, and I do have experience on the instrument as a whole. I will be starting “Day 22” today, on January 16th, so I’ve been averaging 2-3 “days” per day (and I don’t move on until the fast workout). Lol…

I finished up the “shredder speed” section yesterday, starting into Module 11, and as I have a cheeky sense of humor, told the “on screen” @JoshFossgreen “Well, I don’t feel like a shredder, yet, Josh” XD Obviously that takes a lot more time lol, but I’m always in a good mood after doing lessons.

Afterward and after my usual scale practice, I started messing around. A dream of mine since I was a teenager was to do a rock/metal cover of Mars, the Bringer of War. I know some of the bass clef and treble clef parts, as one of the school bands in school played it for their semester concert. But over the years, I never got good enough, and depression and other things got in the way. I used to buy guitar and bass sample libraries, determined to finally do it. Nope.

Anyway, I started playing the tuba part at the opening. If you don’t know the song, check it out. It’s like Holst wrote a song about tank warfare before tanks were invented. Different orchestras play it at different tempos, but I was going at a good clip because metalz/energy. The song is in 5/4 and features triplets on some beats.

I realized my plucking fingers were moving and I jammed it a bit, got my Bass Face :tm: going, etc.

Then I clocked myself with a metronome. 167 bpm :open_mouth: So I tried 16th notes, and I got it. 170bpm. I couldn’t play a whole song this fast at these speeds, but I used to be dismayed at fingerstyle and how fast I thought I could go vs a pick. 120bpm 16ths are pretty comfortable.

Anyway, I guess this is part “thank you!”, part humble-brag, and part hopefully inspiring anyone that’s been dismayed at their progress, or where they are at. Keep at it and you’ll get there!


Brilliant. May the force be with you.


Did you know…


lol I did not.

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That’s awesome @Koldunya! The Planets is one of my favorite orchestral/ classical style compositions.