In-Ear earbus for bass practice

Can anyone recommend a wired pair of earbuds for bass practice? I’m looking to use them with the vox amplug2 while traveling. Are there any with sound quality comparable to an amplifier?


I use the BOSE SoundSport (wireless), but they have wired versions for all my sax practice and they are the best sounding in ear buds I have found.

note - you might find you hear a lot of noise from that VOX with good earbuds though, which was my issue, and have since upgraded that area to a BOSS Waza Air Bass system.
This is very comprable to an amp, as there are amp sims and effects etc in the headphones.
Pricey, but well worth having a look.

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They are 60% off today with code: blackfriday

I’d go with $25 or less KZ. The zsn is a decent model.

Don’t get the expensive ones they are more for music listening and definitely tend to force too much treble. Good for clarity but not for bass practice.


Josh has recommended using any headphones or earbuds that have good bass response.

I like to use my 15 year old Bose ear buds.

I’m going to buy a set of Bose today at Best Buy. I will let you know how they are