Inexpensive Multi-Purpose Bass Hard Case

I’m getting ready to hit the road again for a few days, and am tired of using my soft cases for my bass’s…. But prices for hard cases for bass are a little too rich for my retirement fixed income blood, so……. Also being an avid hunter, I thought “Why couldn’t I also use my double long gun cases for my bass’s?”……. Besides, one of my cases has a broken lock latch and I don’t use it any more for travel because of that…. I also have a couple other double gun cases just laying around now since I now mostly hunt on my own property…

Anyway, here are some photos of what I did to the broken case, and also how I used another double gun case for another bass that I’m taking along…
Here’s the broken case….

I cut out the design in the thick foam… Even created a cool “Air Foam Bass Guitar to play with!!

This case firs my Ibanez SR500 perfectly… I also stole some quilt matting from Connies sewing room and glued it to the bottom of the case…

A perfect fit! The black plastic case next to it is another double gun case that is a bit wider and works perfectly for any of my Fenders…. I’ve got my PJ packed in this one….

The black plastic case had thinner foam so didn’t need any modification. I did place some of the foam I cut out of the other hard case to place under the neck though…. Also, all strings are loosened for the trip…

Bottom line, two bass hard cases for “$0”…. I did look at prices for plastic cases similar to the black one and they sell for anywhere between $80 - $150 at Sweetwater…. You can get one at Wally-World for about $40…. So now, I’ll hit the road for the beaches of North Carolina knowing that two of my better bass’s will be plenty fine in the back of my truck…. At least this time I won’t have to borrow and use a bass to jam with at the live music venues that I like to play at at the beach bars in Surf City!!

Keep on Thumpin’!


Dang, dude, I sense a 2nd career in the making!


Just tired of depending on “Gig Bags” all the time…. Those are fine for local travel when I’m not spending nights somewhere, so having something a bit more solid will help a lot - especially when I go to some of the bars along the beach….


Looks great @Griff, well done.


Nicely adapted @Griff .


it looks nice and efficient ! I never managed to cut foam with a nice and even 90° angle …


The cases are cool but this… This sounds awesome.


They look great Bill @Griff , and you like you are ready to rock when you get to NC,
Have a great time bro,
Cheers Brian


Awesome! Surf’s up, Dude! :love_you_gesture:


Very neatly done, Lanny @Griff . . . :+1:



Looks like a high power rifle in disguise. Something a baddie would whip out in a movie. Great job. Keep the foam bass too!! Great for practicing your moves.