Instruments vs rain

Cool concept but I would have gone with a salmon. Deeper, richer sound. Tonefish 101


It pretty much had to be a bass. No one is a Salmonist :slight_smile:


Man I am kinda disgusted and intrigued by that bass. It’s really well done!


Ha, hell no. If rain gets beyond a very light drizzle, everything stops to get tarps over gear.

Like @Gio said, Metallica has a huge budget and undoubtedly tons of magic tricks to make this work.

Playing wireless is probably the only reason they’re not getting electrocuted? not an electricity expert, just a bass player

Don’t know how the drum mics aren’t getting wrecked…

I would NEVER put my gear through this, but maybe if I had a team of techs to clean everything up after, plus multiples of every piece of gear, etc…

Definitely not, you can see Lars rushing the s**t out of everything perfectly in time with what you hear. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d say even with a cable, you should be fine. The current on the cable is pretty low, its just 9 Volts on there, that is not much and even if you drown your guitar in soily water, it should have no effect on your body.

And rain is basically distilled water. You could drown a guitar in distilled water and absolutely nothing would short out. You can drown your mobile phone in distilled water and it would still be operable under water.


yes this ^^^ is what i think. i’ve always heard stories of people getting shocks when touching their mic’s in the rain, but low voltage ones, not “you’re dead” shocks.

This reminds me of the scene in a “Midsomer Murders” episode, when a rock singer gets electrocuted from a faulty microphone. From “What is the weirdest death Midsomer Murders has ever had?”:

Being electrocuted whilst holding on to a microphone during a rock concert:

The ironic thing is that nobody realised she had been electrocuted. They assumed she was just hitting a high note.

Note: this was probably NOT the weirdest death on that show!
p.s. love that show’s theme song, played on the theramin! That would be an interesting instrument to learn to play, although on a stage in the rain, I’m not sure it would work! :laughing:

That’s only true at the very first step, when the raindrop forms from the cloud. By the time it reaches the ground it’s no longer distilled, because it picks up all kinds of crap on the way down. So rainwater definitely does conduct electricity, and can potentially short things out.


For example, acid rain.

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I’m more amazed that the rain doesn’t affect his downpicking at all :metal:

The name of my second band.

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:rofl: :joy: :metal:
(waiting for @John_E to come in with the perfect Milli Vanilli retort)


How did I miss this!

Go on and blame it on the rain
'Cause the rain don’t mind
And the rain don’t care


What i see when i look at a bongo:



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here we go again :roll_eyes:

do you think the same thing when you see the 4 billion other basses that are the same shape?
yes, it’s round, unlike a p-bass. im ok with that :rofl:

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The “same shape” that looks nothing like a bongo or a toilet seat? No. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

4 billion basses for a planet of 8 billion people is impressive! At least a quarter of that is surely owned by some of the prolific posters here on bassbuzz :sweat_smile:

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