Interesting article from Fender about gear and streaming (2019)

From the article (couple of years back but worth a read)

“Going back to the research, 45 per cent of the guitars that we sold every year went to new players; 90 per cent abandoned the instrument in the first year (…). The 10 per cent of the salmon that make it through the dam have a lifetime value of $10,000 [each]. They buy five to seven guitars, they buy multiple amps, they drive the hardware side of the business."


Lol same thing my CTO sent me like half an hour ago.

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Vail Resorts did some research years ago when I was in the industry and found that only about 10% of people who took a skiing holiday ever went again. This wasn’t some shitty little ski hill. Vail is a pretty slick operation.

They cited various reasons i.e the expense, how difficult it is to learn etc.


I’m on the first day my first skiing trip right now, so I’ll let you know in about a week’s time… :joy:

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