Interesting Geezer Butler video

Just stumbled across this totally by accident looking for some AC/DC tabs on YT and thought some of you may be interested


Fuck yeah, I love Geezer.
I have been practicing his solo intro to NIB.
i am about to record it in GB on my new IMac, but I couldn’t get any clean sound out of it last night. I need to figure out the AMP sims in GB. I am trying to record thru my pedalboard, thru my DAI, clean, only using the Crybaby to tweak out on the bends in the solo.
Once I get it down, i will get it recorded. Then I can hear how I sound better.
I was surprised the first time I recorded a loop in my Zoom the other night so I could play with compressor sounds. I sounded much better then I thought I would recorded. I even sounded better then when I was playing it, I thought it was gonna suck…
It was not the loop I recorded for posting the compressor results. I lost the good loop when I unplugged. I thought I had batteries in it, but I forgot I took them out when fixing it to the pedalboard. Oh well.

This is an awesome vid, thank for posting.


No worries @T_dub.
I’ve looked at the NIB bass line and it’s not an easy one :scream:


yeah, It took some work. It is all about the rhythm, if you get that down, it is very achievable. I love that song tho. I can not play it all the way thru yet, but it is not because it is too hard, it is because it is so long, it is hard to remember it all, and I don’t have the best of tabs for it. I don’t have it on a single sheet, it scrolls thru the play along tutorial, so it takes some time to get it all down.
Slowing it down on YouTube on an iPad is difficult, and the quality sucks, so that didn’t help much. Now that I have an Imac (bet you love hat apple named a computer after you) It might work out better.


Sabbath have really awesome bass tracks in so many of their songs. I’m amazed how many tracks I’ve come to appreciate so much more now I have picked up the bass. I can’t play much of them at all but just listening and playing where I can is so rewarding


Try and learn Paranoid. it is not very difficult, and the construction of the song is easy, so you don 'have to learn or remember too many pieces.
it is scheduled like this

1 - intro - 2 riff - 3 bridge one 4 - bridge two

1 - 2x
2 - 4x
3 - 2x
2 - 4x
4 - 2x
2 - 12x
3 - 2x
2 - 4x

not very difficult and fun as hell to play


good octaves practice :slight_smile:


Awesome. Thanks @T_dub

Certainly are good for practicing octaves. I’m still rocking the slower stuff atm like Scorpions “ Wind of Change”, The Darkness “ I believe in a thing called love “ etc
I still have my eye on emulating one of my idols Lemmy but not just yet.


Yeah. This is pretty bad ass.

I’ve never been a big Black Sabbath fan. Geezer, wow man. I want all of Sabbath redone with his bass more forward in the mix. This is just a pleasure to listen to.

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