Interesting use for looper pedal

Howdy Bass Cadets
Just received my looper pedal and I have been playing with it this morning and then I discovered an interesting use for it.
You have probably all thought of this before but as a newby it is great finding these things out for myself.
I recorded myself playing the bassline from The Girl from Ipanema and then I let it just play back over and over again.
I then went to my amp and started playing with all the knobs to see what changes they made to my tone.
It was a real eye opener and I have a better understanding of how my amp works
Just thought I would share


you just discovered the re-amping magic :grin: this technique is used in studio to find the best amps settings for a particular track


Playing into a looper really shows up any flaws in your timing and technique as well.
You don’t just get to hear them once, but over and over and over


Hey wait, you have a Zoom B1on, right? So you have two looper pedals. That might be interesting :slight_smile:

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@howard You are correct. I don’t really use the looper on the zoom because it is only 20 seconds of loop time.
The pedal I have has 10 minutes per loop and a 40 minute overall loop time split between 9 loops
The zoom in too complicated for my little brain. It is fun to play with but I doubt I would use it live.
I am going to slowly build up the pedals I want.
The thing I use the most on the zoom is the tuner function for helping me find notes up the neck


I’m assuming you might know this already, but this most convenient way to deal with a tuner is probably a clip on tuner. Kliq makes a good one, but there are plenty of alternatives. It does look a bit weird if playing live I suppose, but if just messing around it’s convenient.


Thanks @JT. Yeah, I have a couple of those but the one in the Zoom pedal is super fast and will display the notes you are playing when you are playing basslines etc. Plus it is right there at my feet.
The looper pedal I have just bought also has a tuner but I doubt I will use it for that


I’ve had a lot of trouble with that tuner FWIW, it doesn’t read low strings well enough. The only clip-on I recommend to anyone is the TC Polytune Clip (or Unitune Clip, same tuner minus the poly tuning but $20 cheaper or so), everything else sucks for bass that I’ve tried.


What kind of looper did you get?

Yeah my Korg PitchCrow was ok but tuners on pedals work way better for me.


@eric.kiser I got a LEKATO Loop station