Interval Quiz

Check this out. I got 100%.


Congratulations. I will try now

Edit, yes, that is good review for intervals.
If you don’t know your intervals, this article should be a good lesson for you.
I would suggest reading it, and taking the test until you get 100%. it is a great lesson, and this is must know material if you want to move on to taking complete Scales and Chord Tone courses in the future.

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This quiz shows the m2 (minor 2) slightly different then the m2 for the “natural minor”. Can you explain the difference?

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The interval names are ALL based off of the Major scale.
The Major 2nd and the Minor 2nd are the same interval, one whole step - 2 half steps from the root.
The minor 2nd, or the diminished 2nd, is one 1/2 step from the root.
Because it is one 1/2 step from the Major 2nd it is diminished, which is also the name for the minor 2nd, but it goes by Minor 2nd most commonly, not to say diminished is uncommon, because you will see that a lot too.
There may be a better way to explain that, but that is the gist of it.

Like the BLUE note, which is notated as the Augmented 4th / Diminished 5th, he could have labeled the m2 as Minor 2nd / Diminished 2nd as well.