Introduce Yourself!

Hi everyone! Nice to read the various path leading to play bass. :slightly_smiling_face:

I am in early 40, and had played bass for about 3 months, about 20 years ago. Then nothing due to numerous reasons, until last year when I decided to get back to it. I bought new gears and tried to learn on my own, but although my capability to play music quickly was a motivation, my technique was taking the wrong path and I finally hit a wall and had a need to go back to basics and here I am. I consider myself to be between beginner and intermediate player. This course is great because, it brings me recaps, but also new stuff and pace is good enough to unlearn things and relearn it the right way. I also play with a band every two weeks, and do have alot of fun doing it.

My musical style is broad, but I have preference in bands like Tool, Deftones or RHCP which heavily use bass in their melody, and harmony.

I am happy to join this course and hope there will be a sequel!! Ill definitely buy it.



Hey Martin, welcome to the forum! Glad to hear you’re digging the Beginner to Badass course and cleaning up some old habits. And that you have a band to play with!

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Hey there! I’m a bit late doing this, as I joined in July of ‘18, but I never got around to introducing myself. I was too busy practicing! :wink:

My name is Jocelyn and I’ve played piano since I was 4 (even taught lessons professionally for several years after college), also played clarinet and alto sax throughout school. In recent years I learned to play ukulele and always wanted to learn bass…it just seemed like a lot of fun. Growing up, my dream job was to be in a rock band - so even though I never made that happen, I figured I could at least enjoy playing bass for fun with my friends! My husband decided to learn guitar last summer, so while he was at the store picking out a guitar I wandered around and ended up buying a bass! I told him we could learn our instruments together…that way he wouldn’t feel like he was really far behind me since I already play other instruments really well.

I searched for great online lessons…and searched…and searched…because I knew that going somewhere for lessons at a set time each week just wouldn’t work with my schedule. Eventually I found you! And man…I’m so glad I did! I LOVE that you really focus on technique along with theory. I also enjoy learning on real songs and playing along with real songs! My hubby has an online guitar lesson series that only does cheesy elevator music versions of songs, so his is really annoying to listen to. He’s totally jealous of my lessons and playing, tells everyone that I’m already rocking out a bunch of songs while he’s still learning the same three power chords on his guitar. LOL! I’m only on Module 7 at this point, been taking my time and finding other songs I can play as I go so that I can practice the things I’m learning even more. I’ve bought a Led Zeppelin book and am having some fun trying to play some of the songs - and LOVED that you also had a Led Zep song in one of the early lessons!

I just purchased my second bass. My first one was a nice Fender, but I found it to be really heavy after a while. That thing is a battle axe! My new bass is an Ibanez Premium, and is noticeably lighter. Both basses play really well, and sound a bit different, so I plan to keep both for different needs/variety.

Even as an experienced musician (on other instruments), I find your teaching style to be just right for my needs on bass! Not too simplistic, not overly complex…just right for any level. I can move through elements that I already know (like how to read notes on the staff), and then focus more time on elements I don’t know.

Anyway, just wanted to say hi and thanks…I’m loving this course!


Hey Jocelyn, welcome to the forum! And good to hear all that stuff about your experience with the course as someone who already plays other instruments. Sorry your hubby is stuck with elevator music lol!

Just signed up and waiting for my Fender bass to arrive on a courier today.
Watched the intro video and it looks perfect for me. Can’t wait to get going after I finish at work!!
Btw are the BassBuzz T-shirt’s available to buy in the UK?


Nice! What kind of bass? You can show everybody here if you like :slight_smile: - Show Us Your Basses

Unfortunately, at this point Bass Buzz shirts are only available inside my personal closet. I keep prodding at the rest of the gang to make that happen, they’ll exist someday I’m sure. :tshirt::zap::guitar:

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Ah that’s a shame about the tee’s. Yes keep the pressure on those marketing dudes!!
I’ve got a Fender electro/Acoustic bass (in Black) I’ll post a pic. I pretty quickly realised that I should have got an electric one. But always wanted an acoustic bass for some reason.
Have had a look at your recommended bass videos and have my eye on a Squire Vintage modified Jaguar in red. I see that there are different types? - as long as it says Squier Vintage & Jaguar is that okay - or is the modified bit important?
Am loving learning the bass using your method. Am already on module 3 and was rockin’ along to Deep Purple with you last night!!! I’m doing around 30mins - 1hour every night Mon-Fri.
Have a big play list on my phone of songs with bass lines that I like. Can’t wait to get badass and play along with them!!!
Thanks Josh - you rock!!!


…jazz (not Jaguar)

… hmmm but maybe I should go with the Yamaha!! Think I might go with your advise. Better start saving the pennies!

There are a couple different Squier Jazz models I know of lately, the Vintage Modified, and the Affinity series. Both probably cool, though I haven’t played an Affinity personally. I don’t think there’s one called “Squier Vintage Jazz” without the “Modified” part, at least not a current model.

As far as Squier Jazz vs. Yamaha TRBX304, it really depends on what you want. Squier = classic Fender tones, Yamaha = more modern sounds and versatility. Plus no single coil pickup hum. :slight_smile:

Glad you’re having fun with the course!

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Cool, thanks Josh :blush::+1:t3:

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You will love the course. I started out last year with B2B and now I am playing with a Blues Band. Enjoy.


Excellent! Yes I’m really enjoying it.
Very encouraging that you are now playing in a band. I hope to do the same in the future :+1:t3:


Hi I am new to bass, I noodle with guitar, really should have spent time learning but life has a nasty habit of getting in the way. Not too late to start, 64. I do like rock music primarily but all sorts float me boat, 331 rock on YouTube.? A friend of mine plays bass with a ukulele band in Liverpool, The Splintered UKes, one of my many inspirations. Bought a bass ukulele/guitar yesterday as my wife plays ukulele, as do, timing is an issue with too many people playing. Sorry to ramble on.


I completed and enjoyed the Bass to Badass course about a year ago. My name is Charles, am 69 years old. Saturday I jammed with my 15 year old great nephew (drummer). That boy can play. I found great enjoyment in trying to follow him. I have to give it to you Josh, the lessons were No 1. I hope you can suggest a cheap and simple way to record my Bass, Without all the bells and whistles.


My name is Paul, and I have been wanting to learn Bass for years. Like a lot of you, because of life, family, and work, I never seemed to find the time to make it happen. I bought an Ibanez GSR200 and Behringer Ultrabass 1200 10 years ago for my 40th B-Day in hopes of actually doing something with them, but after a couple of moves from AZ, to CO, and now WI, never found the time. My youngest daughter is now in college, and me and the wife have an empty nest (found the time!). I searched around Google for “Bass Lessons”, as we live in a rural community with not much to offer as far as music teachers/lessons, and came across Josh! Watched the online content, read like every post on here, and decided THIS WAS THE PLACE TO BE! Due to my setup, the DVD option was the best for me, and i was soooo excited when i got home and saw a box on my doorstep yesterday. Put in disc 1 last night, and actually got to “play” my Bass for the first time!! Today is day 2, and i don’t want to stop, but guess i still gotta eat and sleep, and introduce myself. I am so looking forward to each lesson. Thanks so much Josh for what you have created! Looking forward to jamming for years to come!


Hi all, I’m Sharon. Just bought the course and my bass should turn up in the next day or two. I’m 48, never played a musical instrument (except teaching myself the recorder when I was 10). My husband and 6 yr old son started learning the guitar a few months ago but I didn’t really want to learn guitar.

Bass, on the other hand, looks really great! I loved the free videos, Josh, so if anyone can get me to play badass bass, then i’m hoping it’s you!


Thanks Charles! The easiest way to record yourself would depend on what you want to use the recordings for? If you need them to be really clean, I would buy a digital audio interface, and run that into your computer and a DAW (digital audio workstation) like Pro Tools or Logic.

If that’s too complicated, you can just get a handheld recording device like a Zoom field recorder of some kind:

Feel free to post a thread in the Gear forum to get some more help on that, we’ve got some audio engineers hanging around who are better than me at that stuff!

@Snowdog1968 Welcome to the forum Paul! Nice to hear about your excitement, hope you keep having fun. The nest should feel less empty with all your bass rumbling. :slight_smile:

@Happymouffetard Hi Sharon! Hope you dig your new bass and the course!

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Hi Sharon, Welcome to the World of Low Enders. :slight_smile:


I’m Mike from So. Cal.

I “played” bass for a couple of punk bands in my early 20’s. Now 49, I have the time and disposable income to play bass again.

This course looks promising for me. I watched a couple of the free vids and decided to take the course. I figure I’ll do the 3 month pace.

I am hoping to find some other old tyme punkers to start a band with after I master the basics of this course.

For me, I’ve always preferred and played with a pick. Playing using my fingers will be a challenge however, I think it will make me more of a complete player in the long run to be able to play in all styles.

Looking forward to hangin around with you fellow bass players on the site.

If you’re interested these are my bass heroes:

Barry Adamson - Magazine
Sid Vicious (I know, I know) - SeX PiStOLs
Dee Dee Ramone - Ramones
JJ Burnell - Stranglers
John Doe - X

… you get the idea where I’m at…