iPad DAW alternative

I despise garage band and will be traveling a lot more now. My company has now locked out the installation of outside software on my laptop so I’m forced to use my iPad Pro.

Does anyone use something other than garage band for an iPad DAW that is more close in operation to Abelton or Reaper that they have used and can reco?

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I dislike tablets and phones, but here is a list:

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Do you just mean the iOS version? The mac version is great IMO, for a free DAW anyway.

Honestly - I think any mobile DAW is going to suck badly though, when it comes to editing. Tablets are good for content consumption but really weak at content creation. If you’re just using it for recording, that should work, but any editing will likely be an exercise in frustration.


Yes. Looking for anyone that’s used one on iPad other than garage band.
Cubasis seems to be the other big one but want some input.

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From that list the only two that looked like actual DAWs (in the sense that you will want, for recording) besides GB were Cubasis and FL Studio. Both Cubase and FL Studio are major desktop DAWs of course and have been around since the '80s (Cubase) and '90s (FruityLoops).

For your interests Cubasis is probably the best choice out of those.

But I don’t have high hopes for the experience on tablet with any.

Two of the others also are DAWs but look way more tailored to virtual instrument sequencing than analog instrument recording. Korg Gadget LE probably the best looking of those.

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I used FL Studio mobile. It doesn’t work well on tablet, experience/ergonomics wise. It’s otherwise quite able to do anything like other DAWs. But I really don’t like the handling on a tablet.


Yeah. I suspect it’s just going to be a shitty experience with any of them.

Seems like it. Guess i have to cozy up to the IT guy and get him to allow the installs

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+1 to this experience @John_E .

FL on a tablet/small form factor device is poo. Ok-ish for simple stuff and for getting ideas out of your head. Poo for doing anything creative … easily.


Or maybe get a cheap laptop for personal use? Another option is to have a desktop at home that you could use as remote desktop.

I used the iRig 2 HD I got at Sweetwater yesterday and managed to import a backing track and record. It wasn’t too bad to set up honestly, I just don’t like the UI vs. the others. Set up so dopey. Not sure of the export quality either yet, TBD
Working on jailbreaking my work laptop (used to have rights) instead of investing in cubasis ($50!) which looks more like a normal DAW. The demo does basically nothing so not really useful in assessing.