iPad setup and switching from lessons to backing tracks

My setup right now is an iRig through my iPad into headphones.
I put garageband on the iPad, and I pull a safari window over to watch the videos. I use the Picture in Picture feature on the video, then pinch to expand the video to be a quarter of the screen. That way I can see the notes.

Having Safari onto of garage band gives me the audio from the lessons and garageband into my headphones.

This was basically the first setup I found that seemed to do everything I need. And I stopped looking. Are there other suggestions people might have for this?

Also, I’m thinking I might want to switch to warming up with the backing tracks to lessons, instead of just re-watching the lessons in Safari. Though it might be more efficient, I think I might miss Josh’s casual reminders to breathe or to yell “pick it up!” or to check if everyone is bobbing their heads.

Anyone else go through similar withdrawal issues?


What I do is run the image below. It’s a sales promo pic for the headphones, but it works brilliantly for our purpose. Along with the headphones, I use a VOX amPlug 2 Bass as my amp. This allows me to be mobile within the house and technically could play anywhere with cell reception.


Withdrawal issues: I miss how Josh could reach through the time-) space continuum and actually be present. I would reply to Josh, sing with the choir, make bass face. Alas and alack.