Is 8/4 time signature a thing and is this it?

Trying to figure out the time signature for the new royal blood song. The riff seems to repeat after 8 beats. The syncopation of the drum is throwing me off, as I am having a hard time “feeling” the beat.

Sounds like 4/4 to me with some crazy syncopated drums.

It sounds like 4/4 to me. I definitely hear a kick on beat one of each bar which helps establish the beat and then I think what’s happening is there may be a floor tom on the sixteenth before some of the kick hits adding some really cool groove to it. But I would still say it sounds like 4/4 with a two bar phrase on the drums.

At around the 30 second mark, its mostly drums. Definitely 4/4. It sounds like some of the notes played by the guitars are on the downbeat.

yep. 4/4… it’s the syncopation that’s driving you nuts trying to follow the drums by ear.

8/4 is a pretty uncommon time signature, the vast majority of western songs use 4/4 time. You might see 8/4 time if there’s a repeating melody/rhythm that would carry over a bar or if there were time changes from a similar time signature like 7/4. Similarly with 8/8 time.

Sometimes “odd” time signatures are also common in music that’s intended for dancing. Greek and middle eastern music often use 7/8 time.