Is bending a bass neck ok?


So I found out that when you can do quite usefully change the pitch of a note you hold when you bend your bass’ neck. Right now I am finally writing my first full-length bass-based song and there’s a part when I would really like to use this kind of articulation.

The question is if it’s ok for the bass and its neck joint or if it’s actually a bad thing to incorporate into your playing.


Well, there’s a reason why Billy Sheehan’s bass has 6 bolts to keep the neck attached to the body :sweat_smile:

Not really an expert on the subject, but it certainly adds strain to the joint.


Oh, I will check it out. The issue for me is, that the bend gives really unnatural feeling of “missing rigidity”, so I was like … “ok, although this sounds good, it doesn’t feel right, I should probably ask someone before I’ll destroy my bass.”


No different than when guitarists do it.
Bassists do it too.
I think the key is doing it right and not going nuts on the thing.

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“nuts on the thing” … oh, that’s the issue … in this case, one really wants to find out what bend is possible, so I can imagine some people “dislocated” their bass’ neck in the past. Can I simply add two more bolts to my neck joint?

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Here’s one of the videos where Billy talks about bending the neck :wink:


Billy bends it like a mad man and it holds tight, so guess I am ok with my rather smaller bends.


I ripped off a fingernail (like, the whole nail, ripped off the nail bed and half out of the base) in a motorcycle accident once. That was an ER trip.

Billy does it playing pinch harmonics on stage. And superglues it back on.


That was the original intention for super glue, an emergency medical aid.


To change the pitch of a note, you bend the string . . not the neck, Tom :slight_smile:

And no . . . it’s NOT ok for the bass and its neck joint.


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