Is Game Of Love, Santana ft. Michele Branch too difficult for recent grad

I’ve completed b2b course. Practiced maybe 350 hrs including course. I’ve tried cifraclub on youtube bass tab for Game Of Love maybe 20 times. I’m getting better but I can’t get up n down neck or hammer ons then move in time. If a couple of you would give a try and tell me how quickly you learn this it would guide me. Either to something easier or maybe I could resume just banging my head against the wall. I sound pretty good on the wall.


It’s hard to say what will be hard for one person or another. For example, I find Module 12 lesson 1 insanely hard and even to this day I can’t do faster than the slow workout. When it’s really probably not a hard lesson. I still try and practice it though simply because it’s clearly a skill I need to develop.

I’d say keep at it! There’s a lot of moving in one part there where it goes up to the 10th/12th frets but it doesn’t look way out of the range of someone who has finished the course, just challenging. Sometimes for our individual challenges it just takes some time to work through them.


I appreciate the encouragement. I just get so frustrated. Now I have to look up Module 12. I remember never being able to play the M. Jackson fast in Module 4 but I didn’t really like that song where I am in awe Of Carlos.


I’m not sure what method you are using to learn it, but I personally learn best at reduced tempo and then slowly increasing tempo when I have the slower tempo nailed. So if that song is 120bpm (I haven’t checked) then I’d start at 60 bpm, nail it, move to 80 then 100 and finally full speed. I find this method suits me personally. It helps with learning both memorization and technique.


If it’s Carlos Santana in general then perhaps go back to some early Santana as although the bass is locked-in and very melodic, it tends to be much more straightforward. I haven’t nailed any of it yet but I’m still messing around up & down the modules. With 350 hours of recent practice (I have that over 35 years) you should find much of the earlier stuff more attainable.

I haven’t looked at anything off that album, although I’ve listened to it plenty and admire virtually everything about it, but I suspect it’s much more challenging for a relatively new player. As @howard says, we’re all quite different in our abilities, but with any more challenging piece it requires practice - break it down to sections and work on them until you have them nailed. Don’t focus only on the bit your find harder - keep going with all of it but in sections.

@JT also makes a good point, and it echos what we do all the way through the course; start slow then up the tempo to full speed.

Good luck!

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