Is this a shuffle or are my ears tricking me?

Hi everyone! I just got through the shuffle rhythm lessons and enjoyed it a lot. Going to find the full Some Kind Of Wonderful track and learn the whole thing I think :heart:

At the same time, someone I follow for bass tabs in the Japanese community had just uploaded this video: with tab for the song Make it out Alive by ONE OK ROCK (

As I was listening… I can’t help but think it’s shuffle eight notes but I’m not 100% sure.

Is it, or are my ears playing tricks on me? :thinking:

It is a fast shuffle. It almost defeats the purpose of a shuffle, which historically has a slower, more pronounced syncopated triplet eighth note feel, but it is a shuffle.

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Thanks for answering! Yeah it really felt like something between a shuffle and triplets so I was a bit confused. Thanks again, I’ll practice this a bit anyway, pretty fun simple song :blush:

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