Is this high action

Is this high action.


Based off the picture I’d say it looks high, but that isn’t a very good way to tell. Measure the space between the top of the 12th fret and bottom of your E string. That number would tell you if it is high or low compared to what most people use… but for the most part it is personal preference of whatever feels comfortable to your hands and sounds good to your ears. Generally lower action means better playability and easier on your hands, but too low will cause you unwanted rattling. I think the 2-4mm range is about normal, but again it is really about what you like.


I measured it and it’s around 4 maybe even 3mm but I think it’s closer to 4.


Action is a subjective term. Some people like it low while others like it high. As long as your strings don’t rattle or buzz, (low action) or you don’t have to use a vise to adequately press for a note (too high) it’s fine. Again, I’ve said it before, if IT WORKS FOR YOU, go for it.


It’s a matter of preference. If they are too high the fretted notes can go sharp :slight_smile:

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Anything over 3mm at the 12th feels way, way too high to me. YMMV.

Too much or too little neck relief is bad for playability too, regardless of action height.