Isolating Bass Tracks without a DAW

I’ve managed to find a handful of suggestions on the forum as far as software for isolating instrument parts, though these are either “Buy to Try” Or require a DAW.

I’d love to simply paste an YouTube URL and let it rip, albeit, they’ve appeared to crack down on such painless tools.

What program are you using to isolate instruments? Is it cheap? easy to use?, does it require ProTools? Would you recommend or advise against it? (I would use for both Bass and Piano lines if this makes a difference)

The program featured in some of the BassBuzz Yubtub content looks great, but I haven’t been able to find which it is.

Thanks for the help!!

Have you tried moises? Looks like their accounts are free.

Josh uses Logic Pro as a DAW and Transcribe! for analysis and transcription, among others.


Thanks! I have tried moises. Looking for a windows based app at the moment to prevent from having to shuffle my music library around if possible.

You have desktop app. Find yt2mp3 online tool and insert it into app.

You can try it out for free, but cant download.

You are welcome!


This is perfect. /thread




There’s always Spleeter, which is free open-source stuff. It has Spleeter-GUI so that you don’t have to do it all from the command-line.


Isn’t it ?

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I had thought was entirely online like moises?

Mine is remix.

It is.
The OP could just use Moises as well but I think he thought it was just app based.
Either way he is happy now.


Ahh yeah, I get the confusion, It might not be obvious that moises is web-based and happens to have phone apps too.

They are all basically the same, in fact the rebalancing in tools like RX10 and Ozone also use Deezer internally (or at least iZotope credits Deezer as such). (note the 2 R’s) is a free app that works better on desktop than cell phone. It allows you to select which instrument you would like to hear and when you play the tune all you’ll hear is the bass line and see the bass tabs being played. Free and works pretty well.