It’s Been A GREAT ride!

So,… learned to play bass with B2B in 2019 and have played bass with a few bands along with creating numerous covers,… it’s time to move on and tackle another instrument that I’ve always wanted to play…… Drums…!!..

Having played music most my life with most being in the lead and rhythm guitar areas, when I retired in 2012, I’ve always had an urge to learn more…. Bass, Drums, keyboards - just to mention a few…. Thanks to @JoshFossgreen’s most excellent B2B course, I was able to make good on the promise to myself on learning the bass…. So now, time to move on - besides, I’m not getting any younger……

Yup, percussion…… The sidekick to bass… (or maybe the other way around?:rofl::rofl:)…. So,… a lifetime of guitar,… 14 years of bass,…. Now on to drums and still have keyboards to do and I’m in my 70’s…… Damn,… hopefully I can make it well into my 80’s or 90’s in order to accomplish all this shit!!!

Thank You @JoshFossgreen and @Gio for all your help and support on bass over the years…. Been a great ride!!!

So…… Hopefully…… Future covers on my YouTube channel will show me playing BOTH bass AND…… Percussion… perched behind my kit…. Hahaha…. With me doing both, I suppose they’ll be no problem identifying who might be off beat or miss a note at any time when the timing goes to shit!!...:grin::grin:

Keep On Thumpin’!


We need a drummer! I’ve been trying to strong arm one of the guitarists to do it because sure as shit I’m not giving up bass.

Good luck.


I’ll NEVER give up playing bass,…. I guess I’ll just never give up playing music - no matter what I play…….

The way I see it, @Barney, is when the day comes and I end up on that bandstand in the sky and the conductor says that his bass section is full,…. but there is an open spot in the percussion section,…. Well,…:grin::grin::grin:


I’d also be lying if I said I hadn’t been looking recently at inexpensive electronic drum kits!


This is pretty damn cool for electronic drums. Not bad on the pocketbook either. Not that I’m looking to get into drumming myself, but I am looking for a drummer! This would be a fairly light and inexpensive (not to mention quieter) option if we ever find one, so we can play in my room. Heh.




Drums are so damn fun to play…
And so damn not fun to set up, break down, and lug around.
Respect to drummers!
Have a ball @Lanny!


Agree, agree, agree…… However, I really have no intentions on playing anywhere outside of my “shed” anyway…… My main focus here is to be able to learn this aspect of rhythm in hopes of becoming a much better bassist. I figure if I can better understand the mechanics of percussion in how it relates to the groove created by bass, maybe I’ll be able to better lock in with different drummers when there’s a jam going on….

I started thinking about doing this when I set in on bass to an open mic and had problems playing with one of the drummers who was also setting in…. Afterwards when we spoke, I found out that he was a jazz drummer….

Gotta figure this shit out!!..… Music is so damn cool…. So, so, so damn many variables….


Hope to see you around here, mate. You’re a great contributor, and it’s not like we won’t all need a drummer at some point.


Good luck, @Lanny Bill! Thanks for being here and for all your help in my early days on the forum! Looking forward to seeing you on YouTube.

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I’ve been a drummer longer than I’ve been playing bass and I love both equally. Your kit is gorgeous! I’ll bet it sounds as good as it looks! Party on!