Jackson C20 Concert Bass

Hey guys. I am planning to buy a used intermediate base. Found this one on reverb for $238(including shipping) but not sure about whether this is a good model or price. Any suggestions?


I can’t help with any info about that bass, but as a general tip:
You can read all the reviews in the world and get advice on here which is all very helpful and worthwhile to read, but at the end of the day none of that will tell you how that specific bass feels in your hands, and that is really all that matters. If you are buying online make sure you fully understand the return policy for if there are issues, or if you just don’t care for it after trying it. Good luck! I’m sure someone on here will know about that bass.


Jackson C20
I will look at it and get back to you, but most likely, the price sounds good for a beginner bass, it would really have to be BAD for it not to work to learn on.


Ok, there is nothing wrong with that bass, however, you might consider, that for $199, you can buy a lot of NEW basses. weather you get a new or used bass, you will want to get a SET UP to get the neck right and the string action set right. If you buy a new bass at a music store, you MIGHT get them to ADD a set up included in the purchase price. These are things to consider.
It would be most unfortunate if you purchased a used bass that was set up HORRIBLY, and you thought playing bass was too hard and decided to quit.
If the strings are not set right, and they are too high, it can be hard on your fingers, making it difficult and painful to learn. If you get the set up, it is much easier or your fingers and hand, and is much more enjoyable to learn to play bass.

If you have your heart set on that bass, it should be fine, but you will want to take it to a music store or find a local luthier that will do a nice set up on it.


Thank you!