Jazz Bass Shielding?

Anyone have experience shielding a passive jazz bass pickups/control panel to reduce electrical interference/hum? I just got a Sire V5 and it gets really noisy if i turn the tone knob anything above 25%. If I touch the strings or any other metal area of the bass, the noise stops, so I think that means everything is grounded properly. I know this is a common issue with single coil pickups, and my internet research seems to point at shielding as the solution.

I am mainly wondering if this is something an electrical novice like myself could tackle or if it’s worth paying a tech to do it. I would order this kit - StewMac Self-Adhesive Shielding Kit

Never soldered before, so would like to avoid that and leave everything connected (pickups/control unit) and work around it. Also would simply tape down the shielding ground wire with the copper tape rather than solder it.

I know this is something that has to be done correctly or will just be a waste of time/money, so any insight from anyone with some experience in this would be much appreciated!


Have you checked to insure the grounding wires are all in tact (bridge, each pickup) and properly soldered? Things can get jumbled in shipping.

This video is pretty good…


When I built my PJ last year, I copper shielded mine. It’s very quiet; I have to crank up my single coil just about all the way up to get any hum. Otherwise it’s perfect.