JBL Eon One Compact/3.5mm input question

My brother and I play quite a few duo gigs. We both sing. He plays an acoustic and I alternate between bass (80% of the time) and an electric guitar. In these settings, I run through a Helix Stomp directly into the mixer.
We’d like to get a JBL Eon One. It has two inputs for microphones, one for guitar, and a 1/8 inch input. Would the 1/8 work for my bass? I tried going from my stop to our mixer to the 1/8 input of our regular speaker, and it seemed to work great. I would be so much easier to have a single speaker without a board to take to our smaller gigs.

Thank you.


Why not just run your mixer outs to the PA input? Too much hassle to carry both?


Even if it works will you plug a bass or guitar into the 3.5mm jack? You’d need the
TRS or TRS-TRRS cable I think. In a pinch at home doing some recording maybe, live gig? Prolly not a good idea.

According to the Owner’s Manual, the 3.5 mm input (CH 5/6) is meant “for use with personal music players”. That means it must be a line input, so it probably won’t be able to handle instrument input levels.


yes, it would need at least a preamp / amp sim in front of the PA.

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Yeah. Bare minimum you’d need to front it with a preamp. For multiple inputs I would recommend at minimum a small mixer.