Hello guys I need help. I bought a JBL EON ONE a few months ago and I really had no complaints until I decided to buy a second one to connect it with the application which says you can connect up to 4 at a time. Well, a whole mess, the first connection is fine, when you do, press play, that’s where the problem comes, it starts to zone intermittently, or if it doesn’t, the music speeds up as if squirrels from cartoons were talking. I disconnected them from the blueetoh when I reconnected them and the application does not see the two speakers. I do a fabrics reset and everything repeats itself with failures and more. I went to Amazon, which was where I bought and it turns out that this is not an isolated case, I saw opinions that I did not check before buying (my mistake) where the same thing happens to them. Apparently the only solution that people found is to connect the two speakers by cable. Seeing that I actively and passively try to contact the JBL technical service and there is no way for them to attend me only when I mention the product, it is obvious because they know the problem and have no solution, now comes my question. Can someone help me to know how to connect the speaker with the speaker by cable?? Apparently it’s not just connecting from output to input that I did after buying the cable and it didn’t work. Thank you very much if someone can help me.

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Hmm I would be very skeptical about bluetooth playing in stereo on two speakers at the same time. Usually there is always a bit of lag with bluetooth. Dunno much about newer versions of Bluetooth tho…

Ideally you want to use a mixer. You plug a cable from the mixer to both speakers. The input goes into the mixer and the output goes to your PA speaker.


yeah, nothing to add, this is what I would do.