Josh playing electronic music with Soulglitch

Not only am I your trusty bass teacher, but I do indeed, actually play music in real life. :robot:

This is one of the projects I’ve been playing with lately -

Bass solo at 29:05 :stuck_out_tongue:

Electronic music is a great genre for those with severe GAS, because it results in pedalboards like this:

And still so much room for more toys… I mean pedals.

EDIT P.S. If you happen to live in the San Francisco Bay Area, we’re playing a show at the Brick and Mortar in SF on Jan 30th, here are the details if you wanna come!


Wow I love that. That’s some cool sound you guys produce. Downloaded all of the tracks from the homepage now, I dig it :slight_smile: Supporting electronic and post-rock music is one of my goal actually, but probably also one of the toughest styles?

I hope you make a video about your "toys"sometime :smiley:


Very nice, @JoshFossgreen :slight_smile:


I did a (horribly long) one with my last pedalboard, less synth sound oriented -

I guess it depends on what kind of “tough” you mean. Technically, I think the bass role in that music is usually pretty simple (unless you throw in overcomplicated tapping bulls**t like me :stuck_out_tongue:). The harmony isn’t too dense, and the rhythm is pretty predictable if you’re familiar with how 16th notes get syncopated in electronic music (which isn’t easy if you’re not already a 16th note killer!).

So the challenge is more about getting the right sounds and textures and stuff, at least for me.

And thanks @Jazzbass19!


Love the delay/reverb in your solo there.


Hell yeah!! Man, wish I was visiting out there, I’d come see you play live in a heartbeat. Another day, another time.

Your videos on your personal channel are the best with some of those 16th note lessons - I have to slow them down a bunch, and still not even close to nailing it, but they’re fun to learn! The tapping technique is another one I like, and want to delve into more. I’m just not into slap at all, like a lot of bass players seem to be. But tap is fun. More like quarter notes for me though :stuck_out_tongue:


I can’t even play bass yet, yet I want some of those :grin: the bitcrush and the one starting at 25 minute mark is totally my jam. I guess it would just be fun to play around with alone and get some cool sounds out of it.



Bass re-entrance at 34:52… siiiiiiiick.
The whole thing.
What a crazy palette of sounds, bud.
Way to crush in yet another cool way.


You are the most conventional-looking dude in that company. Do they tease you about your on-stage outfit? Thank goodness for your 'nana tatt! :wink:

I wish I could get to one of those gigs. Love the sound.


Just start one yourself! Just make sure to include one of your bagpipe buddies instead of Ian Anderson there :crazy_face:


I didn’t get that at all. I thought your solo fit in quite well with what you guys were playing. There is a definite jazz element your solo fit right into.

It’s cool to see you playing out.


There’s no place for bagpipes in music. However, as I’m in the land of Iain Anderson I won’t give up on getting him involved, but if that fails my sister in law is a professional flautist… I don’t know if she can play standing on one leg or can grow a beard.


Ha, thanks Eric. Just self-deprecating humor, I actually like that solo and do think it fits the music well. There’s one other tapping spot in the show too.

I aim not to use any slappy tappy technique crap unless it really feels called for, which is great… until I actually decide to use it, and my chops are rusty. :stuck_out_tongue:


Very nice Josh @JoshFossgreen,
Loved the whole thing, very Prog.
Cheers Brian :sunglasses: