Josh, please tell us about Gabby La La

I was looking online last night, to see if Josh offers any in person instruction. It wasnt a real surprise to find that he no longer does. But I found a list of artists that he’s played with over the years. The one that immediately stood out to me is Gabby La La. She is a very interesting artist. I’ve seen her live a couple times, when she toured with Colonol Claypools Bucket of Bernie Brains. She plays very uncommon instruments, like a Scitar, and a Theremin. I even have one of her albums. She strikes me as being quite the character.

Josh, you gotta give us some insight here dude!


i am 99% sure @JoshFossgreen has posted a video of him playing with them on here but i cannot find it.

EDIT: got it!


That was epic! She must have put out a couple of albums. I’m pretty sure the last time I saw her live was 2004/2005

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Yeah, I played with Gabby quite a bit back in the day! I was a young whippersnapper. That video is the only documentation I know of, including the one time I was on stage with Les Claypool. :slight_smile:

That gig was my first experience playing with effects, I was such a noob just using my Boss ME-50B and guessing at synth sounds. Some of them were actually pretty cool though.


Some of the older digital gear is delightful. I really liked the Bass POD Pro.

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I’m totally jelly! I’m a huge fan of all things Les Claypool. I’m going to the Flying Frog Brigade show next week.

All of my previous bass experience was self taught, doing Primus and RHCP slap lines. I just hit Module 13; which I’ve been looking forward too. The only thing that might be worth adding, is a song with ghost notes. I think Laquerhead is what really got my slap technique on point. Its only a handful of fretted notes, with the rest being all percussive ghost notes. Its one of those 5 minutes to learn, and 100 hours to master type of things :slight_smile:


I still keep an ME-50B my pedal board! Mines been rock solid for 15 years!