@Joshfossgreen. So you live in Berkeley/Oakland area? I would assume clubs down there are pretty busy and pricey, so are you familiar with any clubs further east out Contra Costa, Fairfield, Vacaville, Dixon, even Davis/Woodland way? Some place that just having patrons show up and buy drinks and maybe food on some Sunday morning for a few hours would be free? Just thinking if there are enough of your loyal students close to the Bay area it might be fun to have an open jam session with you leading what we should be playing. Could help us get our feet wet and get rid of the jitters from getting up on stage.

I’m having all kind of crazy thoughts tonight! :slight_smile:


@JoshFossgreen should work better :wink:

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Thanks. Autocorrect can often be more of a pain than good.

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A Bay Area get together would be super cool! We’re actually up in Sebastopol now, left the East Bay to have more nature access and less people stacked on top of us.

I wish I had more summer gigs coming up to invite y’all too, I’ll keep it in mind when something comes up.

If someone else wants to organize a meetup somewhere, I’d love to come!