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I am very tentatively considering gifting someone with my new Ibanez SR300 in Sky Matte Veil as well as an Ampeg B108 amp. I want to find someone that will use it and not sell it for a quick buck. I never bonded with the Ibanez as the neck is just so thin. The Ampeg just sits cause I have several other Amos that I use. They are both as new although I did put Cobalt Flats on the Ibby. I would prefer it to be someone that is wanting to learn but does not have the ability to get decent equipment. Any suggestions on how to go about this endeavor? I really want it to mean something to someone.


You could look for school music programs in your community. That’s what my Eris E8s are destined for, eventually.


@Koldunya idea is spot on. There are also community programs for at risk youth that will be happy to pass on your previously loved equipment. One place I lived in had a program called Guitars Not Guns.

You could also give it to a friend or family member that you know would cherish it. Maybe someone that really needs an outlet at this point in time. What better gift than music.


One of our community radio stations is a collection point for instruments to go to the public school system’s music program. I just unloaded donated my adult son’s drum set…


Gifting someone an instrument is a great experience. I’ve done that a few times a year to the students. One is becoming a great player and another is becoming a great guitar player, lol.

That said, our preference changes more often than seasons, if that’s the only SR you have may be hang on it for a while longer, you may be surprised how refreshing it is to switch around the profiles and finding what you like about it.


I’ve donated 100s of instruments to the kids of New Orleans via a friend of mine down there who insures the at risk kids get them.
Call your local middle and high school music teachers, they may know of someone in need.


Funny you mention this point. I have been playing my SR more and more these day. Getting preference over higher end models. I think it just seems easier to play. The lighter weight is definitely a key factor and opposite to @EddieJones I really like the thin neck. Shows how all our needs could never be met by only a few models and grateful there are so many to choose from these days.


It’s funny how we change sometimes by playing a song or two.


It’s interesting. I’ve had basses with thicker neck profiles/widths/etc and thinner. I like both but prefer thinner for sure. I prefer the feel of an SR over more traditional P or J style necks for sure.

But my SBV, my current favorite bass has both a more moderate neck (that still feels great) and also a little dive compared to my TRBX. Still on top for me at the moment.


Coming from guitar for so long, I thought I’d prefer a shallow-depth (thin) neck.

The bass I bought for B2B had the thinnest neck (a Gretsch Junior Jet). It turned out to be unplayable for me, so I returned it to Sweetwater.

I next went with a Sire Marcus Miller U5 short scale - a modem P/J config on a jazz-style bass. Its neck is not as shallow as the Gretsch, and it is very comfortable for me to play.

Next, I got a Sterling short scale for its distinctive Stingray voice. Its neck is a lot thicker yet than the Sire, and it’s very, very comfortable for me to play.

For a long scale, I got a Sire Marcus Miller M5. It is definitely a modern style bass. Its neck depth is thinner than my other basses, with a 12” fretboard radius. It has proved to be comfortable and quite playable (for a long scale) for me.

The final addition to my stable is my Mayones Jabba Mala 4. It has a true Jazz bass neck (thicker) depth and fretboard radius, and therein lies the surprise: Without a doubt, it is THE most comfortable and playable bass I own, have owned, have ever played. And I’ve auditioned a lot of brands/models over the years. Too many to recall.

I’ve never been a Fender/Squier guy. None I’ve played have ever spoken to me favorably. It is what it is.

The point is: you just never know which kissed frog in the chain will be The One.