Just Bought 2 JBL 308P MKII Monitors

A spur-of-the-moment purchase- they were on sale for $150 each instead of $275 on Musician’s Friend (sale still running until midnight, add them to the cart to see the deal: JBL 308P MKII 8" Powered Studio Monitor (Each) | Musician's Friend) although they seem to be $220 most other places. It felt like a steal, I suppose I’ll return them if I don’t like them! I have a small JBL Flip speaker which I like a lot. Anybody have experience with monitors?


Excellent choice, these are some of the best monitors you can get for the price. If you don’t like them you probably won’t like any monitors :slight_smile:

These are literally all you need. Now you can sell your amp :rofl:

I have a set of 305P Mk II’s and love them.


I think I saw that deal like… 3 minutes before it ended, but as I like my Kali LP-6 V2s I went “Oh well.” But yeah, the JBLs are definitely very nice for their range, too.


I have the Kalis as well. They are very good and got me through many of my production classes through Berklee.