Just finished the course

and it’s taken me exactly a month.
I pretty much already knew everything up to Module 8, so I got to that point in a couple of days - meaning that’s probably why I got through it all in a month.

What a splendid course :+1:
Can’t wait for the next one to become available.
In the meantime though, I’ll take a day or so away from the course, and learn a couple of basslines I’ve been thinking about, then go back through the whole thing again, to brush up and revise everything.

Thanks for putting this together Josh.
'Tis really rather superb!!


Well done Dude
I am struggling to do it in a month. I run a business and care for an elderly relative and a friend with dementia so I don’t have an awful lot of spare time but I shouldn’t be too far off
Are you going to go back over bits you think you rushed?



I didn’t rush any of it - as I said in my post above, I already knew everything up to Module 8 anyway, so I got through the course up to that point in a couple of days.
Also as mentioned above, I’m going to go back through the whole thing again, probably from the end of Module 8, just to recap and cement everything together in there.

You’re doing fantastically well anyway - don’t forget I’d already been playing bass for 2 years before I started the course, have done a few open mic’s, and also did a full gig back in early July, so my playing technique and knowledge of scales etc, was already well on the way before I started.




@Mark_D! Congratulations! How exciting! Go buy yourself a bass oriented t-shirt! You deserve a trophy!


Well done @Mark_D. Congratulations!


Congrats Mark! Glad you enjoyed the course.