Just purchased course-thoughts on technique?

I have been playing bass (more dabbling) for about a year now. I took private lessons for a while, but then took some time off. I just purchased the B2BA course. I am posting this as kind of a starting “benchmark.” I would appreciate anyone’s thoughts on my current ability/technique.


Hi @Old_Noob,
welcome to the forum and the course!
I wouldn’t want to comment on your ability or technique but I can say that I’m well impressed with how fast you move your fingers. I don’t think I can do that after a year of practice / dabbling.
Hope you’ll enjoy your time here. Check out the Post your covers! thread and the 50 First Songs 100 Week Challenge for mutual support and friendly comments on each other’s playing.


To give feedback on technique is tricky, as most of us in here are not teachers… at least not for bass :grin:

My immediate input for things to watch and work on:

  • try to keep your fingers closer to the fretboard (it’s not really “flying fingers”, but it can still be improved)
  • try to listen to your attack. Unless you were going for a certain dynamic statement, your attack is often quite inconsistent (sometimes too low/weak, sometimes too loud/harsh). You also might want to be even more conscious about fretting (i.e., where you place your fingers) in order to reduce buzzing
  • there are some tricky runs in that song and that is where any timing challenges show themselves. So, you might want to practice especially these runs in a slow-downed version of this tune and really pay attention to the timing

You’re off to a good start! You also might want to check out Josh’s other videos (on his YT channel), where there is also one, among many others, on fretting issues.



I’m going to say that you’ve got more bass skill and talent than I do, so there’s that. I’m also going to say that No Doubt’s Sunday Morning looks like a fun line to play, so I’m gonna go look up that tablature. :slight_smile:


Thanks @joerkutter. The inconsistent attack thing is for sure an issue, but it is exacerbated by the fact that I am recording from a web cam picking up audio of the MP3 from my computer speakers and my bass amp. So, there is a some clipping in there. But your point is well-taken.


@Old_Noob - I’m no pro or anything, hell, I just started on bass just a bit over two years ago after many years on guitar so,…. please understand that my comments are nothing more than well,…. just my own comments….

Great left hand work…. You look as if you’ve played guitar before…

Have no idea what your right hand is doing, but I can certainly hear it…. I’ve played guitar for awhile and right hand attack is not as “ear prominent” as it is on bass - this was something that I had to learn and train myself more-so when playing bass than guitar…. With bass, the ear “feeling” of the notes being played are all in your plucking fingers - much different than playing guitar…. There are certain notes that you want to accentuate, and thats where the attack plays into the mix…. You might try using less of your fingers when plucking notes - use the tips of your plucking fingers (less pad - softer touch) to start with. Once you begin to “feel the groove”, you’ll begin to more effectively “build the groove” through your attack…

Like I said, I’m no expert - hell, I’m just an old retired dude who decided to take up playing bass because arthritis stopped me from playing guitar - but, bass ROCKS and I wish I woulda started it a long time ago!! WAY better than guitar!!:joy::joy:

Keep on Thumpin’!


@ timsgeekery
Don’t use Songster–its wrong

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