Just Scored Iron Maiden Tickets!

The Iron Maiden fan club presale for the US tour in 2024 just started today! I scored floor tickets for Vagas, Charlotte, Ft Worth and San Antonio!! Regular sales start the October 3rd!


I read that as you’d won tickets. English is a funny thing.

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I did win Styx tickets in 1977!


Say hi to Eddie for me


In ‘Merica, scoring tickets means paying way too much under stressful conditions to see a bunch of old guys kinda play their old tunes.

I scored KISS tickets for their very very very (they promise) last show ever on earth in December. Don’t ask how much you have to pay to score these….


Maiden keeps the price down for the fans. the most I paid today was $129 for a floor ticket. Maiden does a drawing for fan club members for each show except fest type shows. The drawing is for “First to the barrier” . They give away about 60 FTTB for each show. If you win, you and one guest get in a separate line which allows you go in about 30 minutes prior to regular admission. you can get a spot right on the rail!